Marineland 27gal Cube

SF Bay Area
Volume 27 Gallons
Dimensions 20'' x 18'' x 20''
Make Marineland
Model 27 gal Cube




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Finished cycling the tank, and have done a 13 gallon water change. Also added 2 small clowns, a small sand sifting goby (orange spotted) as well as a cleaner shrimp and 7 zebra hermit crabs.

Spent a lot of time reworking the rock work. Finally got it sorted out. Filtered out the cloudiness and poured about 24 oz Fritz 9 into the tank after measuring the increased ammonia and 32 salinity.
Dropped a frozen shrimp into the tank after I removed the head, shell and tail, to raise the ammonia in the tank. I plan on introducing the beneficial bacteria in a day or two after the ammonia increa
Brought home the Marineland 27g Cube tank from Petsmart.Checked for leaks, and seemed that it was fine. I cleaned up the tank, the stand and set it up.

Took all 40lbs of the Carib Sea Sou
After filter flossing the fine particles that came off of the dead rock, I decided to rearrange the rocks. After a lot of issues I got an aqua scape I am ok with... After testing ammonia and salinity,

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