Fish all look fat and happy now but all the SPS and Hydno died. Anemones still don’t look the best. Shrooms, leather and smaller patch of GSP look good. Large GSP died as well. Removing the purple urchin, not enough algae left.
View June 11, 2021 17:36
Lost one Damsel, down to 3. Bubble Nem not opening. Lost the Frogspawn also. Nitrates and Phosphates are still high, may be the issue. GSP still not growing.
View March 16, 2021 17:59
A decent amount of hair algae visible. Next visit will bring urchins, Serpant stars, Blenny, and Trochus Snails. Will begin dosing Live Phyto Plankton twice a week at 10ml per dose.
View October 28, 2020 18:10
One Astrea died and original Emerald Crab has not been seen for weeks.
View September 30, 2020 19:05
Added new clowns, cleanup crew and ATO setup
View September 4, 2020 18:22