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Age 4 years, 2 months
Started April 30, 2014
Official Volume 29 Gallons
Actual Volume 28 Gallons
Dimensions 30'' x 12'' x 18''
Make Tetra
Model 29 Gallon
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dtum ‐ Nice colours on this coral.
dtum ‐ Great looking coral. Do you know the name of that acro by any chance?
dtum ‐ Sweet coral.
echogi ‐ Nice set up, mate


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Dec 14
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Dec 14
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Dec 13
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Dec 12
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Dec 12

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Red Sea Coral Colors Part A · Red Sea Coral Colors Part C · Red Sea Coral Colors Part D · Vibrant · Seachem Reef Builder · BRS Cacium Chloride · Spectracide Stump Remover · Seachem Flourish · Red Sea Coral Colors Part B

Auto Dosing

12 ml
BRS Bulk Soda Ash (Sodium Carbonate)
1 ml every 2 hours
11 ml
BRS Calcium Chloride
0.9 ml every 2 hours

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Reef Chili · Pro Salt Krill · San Francisco Bay Frozen Brine Shrimp · Ocean Nutrition Prime Reef · San Francisco Bay Saltwater Multi-Pack · San Francisco Bay Marine Cuisine · Area 51 Phytoplankton · AquaVitro fuel · LRS Frenzy Foods · Cobalt Aquatics Mysis Flakes · Mysis Flakes · LRS Reef Frenzy Nano · Red Sea Reef Energy Part A · Red Sea Reef Energy Part B · Copepods · Marine Cuisine · New Life Spectrum Marine Fish Formula · San Francisco Bay frozen food · San Francisco Bay Krill · Colbalt Mysis Flakes · San Francisco Bay Reef Plankton · Poylp Labs Polyp Booster · Polyp Labs Reef-Roids · Red Sea Reef Energy A · Red Sea Reef Energy B · Random SanFrancisco Bay Frozen food · Ocean Nutrition Green Marine Algae · Polyp Lab Polyp-Booster · Polyp Lab Reef-Roids · Poylp Lab Polyp Booster · Polyp Lab Reef Roids

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2 Corals

On average you perform a 9.8% water change every 11 days.

0% total water change in December.

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Started using Seachem Flourish and Spectracide Stump Remover(KNo3) to raise No3 and Po4.
New Vortech wetside doing good. Cleaned Tunze 6040 and put back in storage.
Vibrant seems to be working slowly on the bubble algae. Up to 5 doses so far.
Finally got a new wetside for the MP40WeS.
New Red Sea Phosphate Test Kit is so much easier to read with the new color wheel. Takes much longer though, 15 mins compared to 6 mins with the old test. But I'm willing to trade time for ease and ac
Added Tunze 6040 temporary until I get a new MP40 wetside.

Words of Wisdom

Rushing this hobby will only lead to disaster. There is no such thing as a miracle in a bottle.

Cleaning out your test vials before or after testing can mean the difference between you thinking your levels are off and what they really are.

If you think your test vials are clean......clean them again.