27G Cube

Volume 27 Gallons
Make Marine Land
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2 Fish

12 Corals

4 Invertebrate

2 Pyramid snail


Red Sea Coral Pro Salt

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Fish Food · Coral Food (Fish eat too) · Roti Feast Target fed all Corals · Phyotoplanton 1 - 15 micron 1/2 cap · Algae Wafer for conch · Reef Energy A 2ml · Reef Energy B 2ml · Target Fed Anemone x3 chances of silver sides (Did not take) · Target Fed Anemone x 1 ground up fish food direct squirts to him · Oyster Feast Target Fed x 1 (6ml) · Target Feed Anemone x1 (1/4th in wide) · Oyster Feast Target Fed x 1 (3ml) · Phyotoplanton 1 - 15 micron 1 cap · Roti Feast Target fed all Corals x 1 (3ml) · Phyotoplanton (Algen) 3 cap · 1/4th in piece of silver side · Phyotoplanton (Algen) 4 cap · Phyotoplanton (Algen) 2 cap · Phytoplankton (Algen) 4 cap · Roti Feast Target fed all Corals x 1 (4.5ml) · Roti Feast Target fed all Corals x 1 (4 ml) · Tibse Pods 1 (Package) · Tiger Pods 1 (Bottle) · Fed Tibse Pods 1 (Package) · Phyotoplankton 30 drops · Roti Feast Target Fed All Zoas · Fed Roti Feast Targeted Fed All Zoa's · Fed Phyotoplankton 30 drops · Fed Fish Food

On average you perform a 21.6% water change every 11 days.

0% total water change in August.

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Return pump unplugged for 24 hours. I did a water change and forgot to plug it back in. CRAP. 6 degree temp swing from 78 to 72. Plugged pump back in and temp is rising.
Elegance Coral looking poorly. Dipped for 10 min in Revive and 3 min in CoralRx
It was suspected my fish were exposed to Uronema approximately 3 weeks ago after I failed to QT a Starry blenny who did not make it 36 hours in the tank. He had all the signs of Uronema. I treated the
My pink bird nest coral is regaining of it is color, however now I have a ridiculous bacterial bloom and have had to turn off the protein skimmer for 3 days now because it is over flowing due to the b
I woke up this morning to my clam killed over on the bottom of the tank =(. After testing I believe this was due to a sudden phosphate shock. I have been battling high phosphates for months, and i thi
Rearranged rocks 2 weeks ago and now seem to be going thru a mini cycle.

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