Removed 1 deceased butterfly from exhibit
View November 13, 2020 01:11
Tank on 3rd day of Prazi treatment, therefore no water change today. Water quality good except slightly low pH. Added marine buffer.

Fed tank a mix of chopped squid tentacles and clam along with pellets.

Topped off bin on holding tank and cleaned protein skimmer. Fed pellets.

Turned off RO to vats.
View February 16, 2014 16:42
Scrubbed and siphoned holding tank.
50% water change.
Cleaned skimmer.
Topped off bin.

Re-filled automatic fish feeder.
Wiped big tank with magnet.
Tank slightly cloud--most likely due to treatment.
Skimmer working just fine.

Fed mix of frozen food to big tank and pellets to holding tank.
View February 9, 2014 17:35
Used magnet to wipe window.

Stirred gravel.

Fed Nori to the fish. They loved picking at it! Was able to attach it to a coral piece. Removed little piece left over before leaving for fear it would get stuck to over flow. Also fed a mix of frozen food.

Netted out some debris in holding tank, cleaned its skimmer and topped off vat. Fed pellets.
View January 25, 2014 17:33
1 dead chromis.

Holding water quality: nh3 0, no2 0, no3 30, pH 8.2, kH 9

Replaced one filter cartridge and cleaned the second one.
View January 22, 2014 17:20
Fluffed sand and wiped window inside and out.

Re-filled automatic fish feeder and fed tank a mix of frozen foods.

Water quality on holding good. 50%water change, cleaned skimmer, wiped inside and topped off vat. Fed pellets.
View January 19, 2014 12:21
Re-filled automatic feeder and fed mix of frozen food.

Wiped down sump.

Cleaned skimmer on holding tank and did 25% water change. Topped off FW bin. Fed pellets.

Temp: 77.9 F
Salinity: 32ppt
pH: 8.2
NH3: 0 ppm
NO2: 5.0 ppm
NO3: 40 ppm
View January 12, 2014 17:09
Dove the tank and removed Christmas decorations, spent ~1 hour in the aquarium, used 700psi.
Fanned loose sand and light cleaning of diatoms off coral.
Chopped up and fed frozen food.
Removed skimmer body to return to ATM
View January 8, 2014 17:00
Cleaned protein skimmer (which is foaming nicely!) and wiped down salt creep that was building up on sump and vat. Also wiped down inside of sump during water change because it had a film to it.
View December 18, 2013 21:16
25% water change done on holding tank. Topped off with saltwater and added three gallons FW. Salinity 34ppt post water change. Cleaned protein skimmer.
View December 2, 2013 16:48