Red Sea Reefer 170 on March 20, 2021
dtum ‐ Really good photography with excellent color rendition. What camera / lens / filter as well as the lighting settings do you use? Thank you.
amischku@dtum hi Dimitri, this photo was taken with a Sony mirrorless camera and a 100mm macro lens. I have 2 a360 x lights which I will dial in the amount of blue that I want. Being able to turn a know to adjust lighting color helps a lot. But not everyone can do it easily. In that situation I will dial in color temp on he camera to compensate for too much blue. I will apply more warmth in Lightroom classic to get it closer to what I see in my tank. Oh. And I also use hdr photography which makes a huge difference in exposure of the dark and bright areas of the picture. With hdr you’ll need to turn off the pumps to prevent things from swaying cause movement is no good. Also fish won’t work with her.
amischku@dtum I’ve got a Nikon 7500 with a 50-200mm lens and I can’t really see much of a difference in the photos.
amischku@dtum Hope you’re happy to give you pointers if you wanna try it out sometime
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