MAG now at 1290, after 80 ml dose from 1250.

Jawfish adjusted well seems happy, but not leaving it's hole, since happy maybe he never will, target feeding him for now.

Cardinal fish has minor fin rot.
View January 19, 2021 23:40
MAG 1250/1400. 80 ml , 40 ppm
CAL 440 / 450 25 ml/ppm

KNO3 20 ml, 5 ppm nitrate.

Mixed 250 ml ro/di water ; 20 grams KNO3 ; 1 ml - 0.25 ppm.

Added jawfish today.

Macroon clown has began chasing wrasse fish, may need to buy more live rock to stop chasing.

Will removed soon gonipora, monticap and dead brain coral, as all are mostly dead.
View January 18, 2021 15:00
Low Nitrate, low CAL and low MAG.

MAG 1170 want 1400. Dosed 40ppm today. 1210 / 1400. Next day will repeat.

CAL 395 want 450. Dosed 20 ml today. 415/450, repeat next day.

Will dose nitrate, calculating now...
View January 17, 2021 16:23
skimmer very full. more than usual.
View December 23, 2020 22:49
Skimmer contains tons of pineapple sponge.

Skimmer found slim floating on top of return area, removed cup by cup.

Small signs of dinos returning, very small. Monitoring Phosphate, for likely cause.
View November 7, 2020 16:28
Skimmer oddly not skimming much lately. (few weeks)

Increasing Bio-pellets, nitrates rising. Now 100 ML from 50 ml.
View October 16, 2020 18:31
Forgot to log, but the Dinos are completely gone, for sometime. Unsure what destroyed them the micron filters or the medicine I added.

Goniopora, Alveopora, Acro all still seem dead. Hope Goniopora will come back. Ready to buy corals again soon.

Started PO4 dosing sometime ago, last week reduced PO4 dosing to once a week will need to continue monitoring. Nitrates are now starting to increase, worried bio-pellets lost effectiveness.
View September 22, 2020 15:38
Monticap seems alive, Alveopora seems dead. Goniopora still sick. Slightly increased bio pellets.
Dinos significantly reduced, have 3 remaining 5 micron socks, do not plan to buy more.
View August 23, 2020 16:26
*BTA died idk 7 days ago maybe. Feel death of BTA caused other corals to become sick.
- Acro coral dead,
- Alveopora coral died, small chance is still alive waiting..
- Monticap coral probably dead.
- Goniopora coral very closed.

* Unrelated candy cane coral covered with algae, feel may eventually die.

Yesterday added Metronidazole for dino control. my plan:
Day 1: Dose metro
Day 2: Dose metro
Day 3: Dose metro
Day 4 - 14: Wait and see results.

* Bio-pellets seems to not be lowering po4 or nitrate anymore. Feel nitrate is always same 4-8 ppm. Will wait and see.

* All dosing remains off. ALK isn't lowering much.
View July 30, 2020 13:15
Goniopora completely closed, red acan coral looks off. Noticed skimmer was off probably over 24 hours, turned back on.

BTA visible in white bowl, will very like die or is dead (from ALK spike last week); monitoring health.

View July 20, 2020 19:33