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Santa Barbara County, CA
Volume 30 Gallons
Make JBJ
Model Nano Cube RL Rimless Biotope Aquarium
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As a kid, I loved taking care of my 45 gallon freshwater fish tank. I bred guppies. They were fun, easy, and cheap. I enjoyed having that experience.

I'm engaged, 27 y/o, self-employed and I wanted company in my home office. I thought saltwater was the way to go. Nothing dull about growing coral...


Craigslist brought me to the purchase. I did research on what 'type' of tank I wanted though, and got it. I just had to be patient for the right deal, the right price.

I essentially skipped the steps of cycling because the tank never really stopped running and nothing was new. I basically walked into this world of reefing day one of purchase and forced myself to relearn what I read by experience. I'll thank YouTube for watching my back.



Protein skimmer, plastic mesh inside filters with carbon... Any other snails willing to put in work.


My LED's run a 24 hour cycle, however they auto adjust based on AM/PM. I couldn't ask for any different light setup.


I have two basic dump flow filters that have media and carbon for easy cleaning. The wave maker really pushes the tank current at a moderate level. It's safe for just about all I have living in there...




(1) clownfish, named Emo <-- Slightly territorial, will come at my hand if below water level while feeding, or cleaning.
(1) cleaner shrimp or 'peppermint shrimp' <-- Fun watching go crazy with small pinchers when we feed.
(2) hammerhead coral, branched <-- Glow under the LED's really well
(5+) polyps <-- Poisonous? These suckers pop up in different places more and more.

1 Fish

Ocellaris Clownfish Amphiprion ocellaris

2 Corals

2 Invertebrate

Red Line Cleaner Shrimp Lysmata amboinensis
Tigger Pods Tigriopus californicus


JBJ Nano Cube 30G
Jebao WP-10 Wavemaker
Accela Submersible Powerhead/Pump - 215 gph
Rio 800 Rejuvenated Powerhead
Hydor Slim Skim Protein Skimmers
Live Sand (Black)
I'd like my baseline readings to show between minimum and maximum at all times. Weekly 5 gallon water changes, even temperature.


Conservative dosing. I really try to focus on water quality first and making sure alkalinity is correct along with calcium. Managing phosphates is easy. So is adding Magnesium when needed.

Feeding See more

Phytogold-S Phytoplankton · Cyclop-eeze small pinch · Phytogold-S Phytoplankton 5 ml · Fed Cyclop-eeze small pinch · Mini Tropical Pellets
I work from home. I like feeding in spurts throughout the day. Little food, longer regimen than simply dumping loads of unwanted food and spoiling your hard work.


I have my maintenance routine listed as the same basic standards you'd read on some reef maintenance blog. Daily, Bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly steps.

On average you perform a 8.3% water change every 1 days.

0% total water change in August.

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Inspiration & Goals

I'd like there to be an abundance of beautiful coral accompanied by some really interesting fish. Spotted Psychedelic Mandarin, Blennys, etc. Personality is key.

- Frag my own tank to distribute even coral expansion
- Identify solutions that increase tank ecosystem
- Setup hang-on refrigium to grow macro-algae
- Breed some kind of fish in the refrigium
- Provide a evenly protected environment for copepods to breed

Words of Wisdom

You can focus on what YOU want, not what others want. Like wine, reefing is slightly subjective beyond the facts.

Disasters & Regrets

I bought a lawnmower blenny. He wouldn't eat anything I fed him (That I saw). He eventually died. He could have been sick, not sure. My only other fish seemed fine so I wasn't that worried.

If I could go back I would have had an abundance of copepods for him to eat, maybe he'd still be here. Regardless, I've done plenty of research so If it was my fault it wouldn't happen again. I'd probably quarantine the fish first before introducing them to the main tank...
Hammer Anchor Coral Branching Glowing GreenYellow Tip Thumbnail
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  • Hammer Anchor Coral Branching Glowing GreenYellow Tip / Euphyllia parancora


YouTube. Thank you. And all of the fun and interesting people I meet at fish shops (guests mostly).