I'll make a long story short and say this,

I was impatient and didn't want to spend over $2k on a 30 gallon saltwater setup so I bought a working tank that was 'broken in' at roughly $850 dollars.

It came with more things than I'll want to list however I calculated everything at current market price and it was a few hundred dollars short of $2k, not including tax or shipping.


Current times. The tank has been running okay. However, I've now got the hang of keeping things in balance. I got my office direct sunlight levels down by adding curtains, I've been testing the water frequently for imbalances, frequent water changes, I keep it looking fairly clean. There is now only more room to improve.

The tank came with a clown fish and all of the coral you see in my current pictures from Oct, 2015. I have a really sweet CPR refugium I need to buy a pump for so I can get it running then grow macro algae and copepods.

I'm still debating what other coral I'd like to add. Fragging seems very interesting to me. 30 gallons of real estate is a nice start for trialing different species of fish, coral and inverts...

More to come.
October 12, 2015 16:44