Saltwater Quarantine Tank

Volume 10 Gallons
Dimensions 20'' x 10'' x 12''
Make Tetra




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Omega One Super Veggie · Ocean Nutrition Frozen Formula Two · H20 Life - Spirulina Mysis and Brine Shrimp

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The tang was acting a little scared yesterday, and today it did not make it. I do not know what the cause of death was. :(
Ich appears to be completely gone. The fish is very active, and swimming around like crazy. Now the waiting game begins.
There are definitely improvements with the Ich in the tang. I'm happy to see improvement. I used garlic guard today, and he ate pellets. We are getting there!
Tang had icy today. Started dosing ParaGuard. Going to see if that works. I have it and never use it. If I don't see progress in a couple days, I will switch to copper.
For the first time - The tang is eating seaweed. I'm going to continuously feed mostly herbivore foods to help regain its strength. I used garlic guard to help entice it to eat.
I moved the yellow tang to this tank today. He had several black spots which i would lead to believe would be black ich. I started to dose copper as well to help treat it.

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