FTS December 30, 2012
dtum ‐ Now that's a long tank! What are the red corals in the left corner?
arkaeus ‐ 3 RBTA's
dtum ‐ Holy smokes! Do they travel or just stay there? Anybody hosting inside?
arkaeus ‐ As you can see i have 3 islands for the most part. I placed them on the left section before coral was placed. Once they found a good spot they have never moved and are hosted by 2 clowns.
dtum ‐ Nice, how long have they been there? Don't you think there's a chance they might change their mind one day? Kudos on your tank and Happy New Year!
arkaeus ‐ the anemonie have been there for about 11 months.if they ever move then I'll just rearrange Coral so they don't kill it. usually once they find a spot they stay put.
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