FTS December 30, 2012
dtum ‐ That's a beautiful powder blue tang. How long has it been in your tank and have you had any troubles with it (acclimating or compatibility)?
d2mini ‐ I want to know too! I hear they are ich magnets. But I still want one. lol
arkaeus ‐ Powder blues can be tricky. I did my research and found the best place to purchase. My understanding is PBT come from two diff locations. One location is better than the other. I feed with garlic and Selcon, he came in healthy. I saw ick trying to flare up a week after I had him. All I did is feed more garlic and made sure he wasn't stressed. The signs of ick went away after 3 days. Keep your fish healthy and most of the time they will fight disease off. This same scenario happened with my clowns... break out, add garlic, ick leaves. The most important thing is that your fish, and tank mates are happy and healthy. Most tangs also NEED to be in at least a 6foot tank. In a lot of cases a smaller tank adds stress.
arkaeus ‐ I did a 2 hours drip acc. I have him with a yellow tang and a foxface. You need to add them all at the same time to keep stress and aggression down. Originally I wanted a powder blue and brown, sadly I hear you cant have both as one will eventually kill the other.
dtum ‐ What type of garlic do you feed them? Can you describe the process please?
arkaeus ‐ Kent Marine Garlic Xtreme a few drops on nori and let it sit for about 5 min. I vary from green,red, and purple.
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