Girlfriend broke up with me and I'm barely able to dress myself and get out of bed, let alone take care of my reef tank. Sadly, my dragonet and red head goby died in the meantime. When it rains it pours.
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Woke up to find my sea urchin, Yuri, completely bare of spines. He hadn't moved from the spot I left him in last night. I picked him up and he was still alive, but I'm assuming he was near death. I put him in a bowl and in the freezer to humanely euthanize him. On top of that, Flynn, my neon goby is on his way out as well. He's fine last night, but this morning he was laying on his side on the bottom of the tank. I took him out and put him in a catch cup that I have hanging from the side of the tank. I don't think he has long to live. My Echinophyllia sp. has lost a lot of color as well. Such a bummer of a day.

I believe the problems are high nitrogen levels and a sudden drop of salinity last week. I need to do a water change today.I most likely I should have done one yesterday.

RIP Yuri & Flynn :(
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Came home to find Yuri, my Variegated sea urchin, in the corner of the tank, not moving, surrounded by its spines. I reached in to touch him and move him to see if he was still alive and he is, but barely. Losing more and more spines as the day goes on. I'm running tests right now to see what's going on with the parameters. So far it's clear that nitrates are up. From reading, it sounds like the nitrate spike and the salinity drop I had last week could be to blame. Really bummed :/ Yuri was my first inhabitant and he's always looked so healthy.

I think the problem was that the water I used for my last water changed had night fully settled because it was so freshly mixed. And the salinity was off to begin with.
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Got a little behind on testing and my water change. Due to doing a change with water of the incorrect salinity, my original Gravity has dropped to 1.022. Going to top offs with salt until it gets back up to 1.025.

Spot fed all corals/inverts.
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Came home to find the first two green star polyps open! From what I was reading I thought it may take longer before any start coming out, so this was a pleasant surprise. Excited for he rest to open up!
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Took a small clipping from a friends very large Green Star Polyp (Briareum sp.) colony. Used a rubber band to hold it tight against the live rock. Placed it up high in the middle of my tank in a high flow/well lit area. They've been closed for a long time since he tore his tank down, so I'm hoping they'll come back around. They were beautiful and bright green in his tank.

I know there's a lot of mixed opinions on GSP's. They can grow like crazy and some people don't like the look of them. I, personally, love the look of them and it will add some nice color to the tank. Maybe even make a nice bed for the gobies to hang out in like I've seen in a friend's tank.

I'm starting to put together a wish list of aquacultured/propagated inhabitants. Here's my list so far:

- Ricordea yuma
- Vivid Rainbow Zoas
- Miami Vice Zoas
- Legion of Evil Zoas
- Fungia
- Rockflower Anemone
- Green Star Polyps
- Scolymia
- Rainbow Stylophora
- Acropora
- Pink & Green Pocillopora damicornis
- Clam (Tridacna maxima)
- Peppermint shrimp

For some of these, I'll definitely need to wait til my tank is a little more established and my parameters are consistent.

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Had a friend ask me to temporarily take care of his beautiful, nearly full grown male Synchiropus splendidus (Mandarin Dragonet). He is currently moving several of his tanks from his last shop to a new location and since Synchiropus sp. require an abundance of copepods, he couldn't put him in the quarantine systems like most of his other fish.

Ordinarily, I would never consider adding one an adult Mandarin to a system as small as mine, but since it's temporary and I have a solid copepod population (and will be adding more, regularly) I said "yes".

We acclimated him & dropped him in last night and already he's doing fantastic. Foraging for food, checking out his new environment, and displaying beautiful coloring.

Adding a larger fish has had a really awesome effect on my Elactinus oceanops (neon goby). It seams as though his natural cleaning instincts have kicked in and he's been cleaning the Mandarin when he comes through his little hang out area. He's even started cleaning my hand when I reach in the tank to clean/work on things. It's so awesome observing this in the confines of a home aquarium. An aquacultured fish that's never been around anything bigger than itself instinctively knows that this is a way to find food. So cool!
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First spot feeding for my Echinophyllia last night. Seems to be losing a little color, so I'm going to start doing this regularly after the lights go out. I think it's also a result of too much light. Reduced my lighting schedule by quite a bit yesterday.

Water chemistry testing tonight to see where things are after dosing yesterday. Following that up with a 20% water change. Here's hoping for a substantial rise in KH!
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Adjusted my lighting schedule today. Determined that my lights have been on for too long, resulting in far too much green algae. I did some searching on line and found the schedule that Kessil supposedly uses for their in-house tanks. It trims several hours off my previous schedule, so I'm hoping this helps.

Time / Color / Intensity
8:00 0% 15%
10:00 20% 50%
12:00 50% 100%
14:00 75% 100%
16:00 40% 50%
18:00 0% 0%

Today, I'm also dosing for the first time. I picked up Red Sea Foundation A & B last night (getting C tonight). I've been getting low KH readings of 4-5dkH, so hopefully dosing will curve that.
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Picked up the Red Sea Reef Foundation Pro testing kit (Ca, KH, Mg). While Ca and Mg levels are great, alkalinity has taken a big drop from 8.3 to 4 since I last tested on the 6th. Currently researching how to fix this.

I need to start testing more frequently.

Algae is growing pretty steadily. Not out of control, but plentiful. It is producing bubbles, which I assume is O2. This is normal from what I am told. I'm going to do some reading up on this.

Getting ready to do a 20% (5G) water change tonight.
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