This is the end my friends.
I've decided to GTFO of Melbourne and as a result have had to regretfully shut down the system.
The fish have been rehomed to the 10' display tank of my LFS (good outcome for them) and the inverts were sold.
Have kept my gear in storage so I can return to the hobby at some point in the future.
It's been a great hobby.
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Yesterday: Swapped aggressive mystery wrasse for a third possum wrasse. Also stocked up on frozen food and dosing chems for covid chaos.
Spending a lot of time at home, it's easy to tinker with the tank. Trying to avoid the temptation and just stay on top of maintenance.
Will take some more photos soon.
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Added fish trap today - going to catch a mystery wrasse.

Over the past 3 weeks, I've had a possum wrasse in a social acclimation box. Have attempted to introduce it 3 times, but the mystery relentlessly goes for it. I don't think they will coexist.

I'm tempted to keep the mystery and move on the possum, but I think the possum is probably the better option long term.
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Found a dead firefish today. Looked very skinny. Now one remains
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Haven't updated here in a really long time.
Tank crashed last year while away on holiday, lost anemone and many SPS. Bad times, battling pests (aiptasia, bryposis, bubble algae).

Bryopsis eradicated from DT, but possibly still some in refugium.
Other pests under control with manual intervention.

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Getting close to filling the tank...

- The remaining gear has been ordered and is in transit
- The electrical board is painted and mounted
- The plumbing is done
- I'm happy with the aquascape, but want to check the water flow
- Received the go-ahead from the property manager

No hose yet, but can start the cycle without reactors I think.
View February 12, 2017 07:49
First entry:

The new aquarium (call sign T90) is still dry / being set up.
I have almost all of the gear on hand, but still need to buy:

- skimmer stand
- biopellet reactor
- hose tails and possibly some hose (will check the hose I have on hand when the reactor arrives)
- more "real reef rock"

I still have a few things to do before filling the tank and think aquascaping the rocks will be the most time consuming.

My todo list currently consists of:
- finish painting electrical board
- trim and glue ends of plumbing for the drains
- run wires/electrical in cabinet
- aquascape rocks
- fill / mix / cycle

I also thought it a good idea to get a structural engineer to give the go-ahead that the floor would be fine with the weight of the tank (should have done this BEFORE buying everything). As I'm renting, it's lead to me asking the property manager to request this from the owner - have been waiting a week and no response so hopefully I will hear soon and it won't be a drama. Either way, I'm now obliged to wait before adding water.
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