Soft Reef 001

Gatineau Canada
Volume 150 Gallons
Dimensions 72'' x 24'' x 21''
Make Concept Aquariums calgary
Model 2 rectangular starfire rimless


Well i'm semi retired and i've had myself a custom build system of two starfire tanks. One is a 75 gallons display refugium that dumps by gravity into a 150 gallons Reef tank. Being partial to softies for their movement in the water column i had an external glass wavebox build as well for my 6 foot tank and so my tank will be mostly devoted to LPS, Softies and NPS as i've created a dark zone, with my sculptures.

I strongly beleive in a planed aquasculpture and waterflow to avoid dead spot. So my tank has a ceramic backwall 30% more porous than rocks and gives more grazing for the fish .I also have to put less rocks on the sand and gives the fish more room to swim. I can then put my sculptures and make it more interesting since its going to be there and in are face for a long time lol.

The Refugium houses a collection of Macroalgaes to help in a more natural filtration system its also a biotope for seahorses and something else.Both tanks are on 2"powder coated steel frame. I couldn't hide the black pipes between the system so i decided to make it part of a theme; a familiar Borg look , with green and blue lights gives it a dramatic flare with its green lit salt water corner drum ( warp core) lol. The back stair case are for the cats that were there before the tanks. My full build up at


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Spirulina brine shrimp · Supplement 0001 · New Era Flakes · shrimp or silverside,or calamary to nem · New Era Grazer Rings · Silverside · Julian Sprung Sea Veggies · Hikari Spirulina Brine Shrimp Frozen · Koyo Sushi Nori · Cobalt Mysis Flakes with probiotic · Silver side to nem · Cobalt Aquatics Spirulina Flakes · Shrimp to my nem · RO water

On average you perform a 11.4% water change every 14 days.

0% total water change in August.

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I'm in my diatom phase and its not pretty. It starting to clear up a bit. Will add a few more snails and critters to clean up that mess. I'm about to do something i've never done; ordering some of my
Too early to take measurements everything is wacky and unstable. I used prodibio products to start up the tank like i did the last time. It seem to be working well ; again ,lol. The little critters ar
Well i'm restarting my tank system after 10 months of shutting down, (personal reasons). Its the same system with a few new items and restocking will start soon. I've abandon my stalactite for a more
Did a treatment, flat worm treatment with flat morm exit changed 30 gallons of water , worms seems to be all dead will se effect on the rest of the tank. the dosing was restricted to the refugium beca
Lost 3 fish including one of my chromis , my mat fish who jump, and one of my beloved seahorse which i killed accidently, by cleaning my fuge. His tail got tangled in some weeds and he could move and
Today i cleaned all my powerheads, with vinegar and soda. i've also removed my filter sock for the week to see the effect on the tank . This morning i've noticed that the crinoid is feeding much bette

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