measured the water parameters for the first time for this tank in almost two years. Amazingly all the parameters are staying around the same level. The clown pair had stopped spawning for about two months, but otherwise they seem happy, fat and healthy.

All LPS in this tank are doing well. There are four BTA and they are all doing well, they are getting large, dominating the upper left part of the tank. Xenia are also doing well, covering most of the rocks in the background. The green macroalgae Helimeda is now a forest covering right section of the tank.
View September 4, 2015 19:37
three months after orange/green plate coral dead after moving back from the 90 gal tank. fortunately, there are several baby plate corals emerged on the skeleton of this coral. I've heard this happened before, but still is amazed to experience it first hand.
View February 15, 2015 12:01
One of the BTA split into two or maybe even three this afternoon. the BTA was looking pretty bad this morning before split. they seems to recover pretty well, two hours after split.
View January 31, 2015 17:03
have not seem the bicolour blenny for couple of days. this blenny was introduced to this tank almost 4 years ago.
View January 24, 2014 13:07
put Bio-pellet reactor back on-line.
View January 5, 2014 13:06
After couple weeks, finally have some good ideas about the Reef Angel controller operations and programming environment. Not that I can now do coding, but I can pretty well understand the codes from other Reef Angel controller owners.
View October 21, 2013 23:28
Water cleared up this morning, the bacteria bloom lasted one evening. The BTA is looking much better in the morning. By 8pm this evening, the BTA is finally completely split. Now I have two BTA almost identical in size. The process of split took a total of 18 days.
View August 7, 2013 23:54
Bacteria bloom. the whole tank is pretty cloudy. the splitting BTA is looking particularly bad. change 3G water of water immediately. All fish and other corals are looking fine.
View August 6, 2013 20:52
The green BTA is definitely in the process to split, I believe this split also caused my True Percula pair stop laying eggs.
View July 24, 2013 01:08
The green BTA is acting weird lately, sometime it looks pretty good, but sometime looks like dying. after observed it for a while, I think it is in the process to split.
View July 21, 2013 01:05