The day has come.

Found a good home for all inhabitants -- fish, corals, and every last member of the CUC. Aquascape given to LFS. Water is drained; sand is out; Sump is out back drying. Tomorrow the remainder of the breakdown continues.

The end of a fun, but sometimes frustrating project.
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Target fed crabby
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Oddly, woke up to work light on. Appears left door sensor has gone out of alignment again. Overrode and turned off left light trigger via Apex for now. MP10 also seemed to be out of alignment -- occassional roar. Fiddled with it, and all fine again. First time that has occurred, so perhaps was algae build-up -- cleaned that off with a brush just in case.

Brushed rocks, changed filter material, cleaned skimmer and probes. All set for water change later this week.
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Target Fed Crabby
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Performed measurements -- all within range. Performing minor adjustments to auto dosing Ca 15-16ml/day; Alk 60-54ml/day; Mg 64-72/day

Tested RODI system -- all OK as-is. 0 TDS, 0 Chlorine, 0 Chloramine
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Sad day. Started fine doing tank maintenance and everything looking relatively fine. Fed fish a while ago, but "no blenny" -- which was odd. Finally found him dead, and the CUC has him. Don't believe it was anyone picking on him as he could hold his own, and rest of tank parms are A-OK with other fish doing fine. Already have water prepping for change tomorrow, so will do that as planned, but will do water tests now just-in-case to hopefully rule out his demise was something I could have avoided. Sad, very sad. Loved his blue eyes and great personality.
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Target fed Crabby
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Target fed Crabby. The !$#(*( Red Flame Wrasse kept stealing the nori, but of course just then spit it out. Finally got some to Crabby whole snuck away.
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Briefly saw Crabby today, but did not target feed as he slipped away from view.
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Modified APEX programming:
1) Lighting -- Increased 18K/20K duration by reducing sunrise/morning lower spectrums
2) Changed AFS1-Pellets to provide two rotations over 3 mins when automatically triggered
3) Increased time for ATO Refill by 5 mins to accommodate lower humidity days and greater use of daily RODI top-off
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