Did got myself some Xmas gifts though which helped PO4 reaching for a new hight. The new school of blue eye bright pinkish orange anthias decorate my sps forest like shining Xmas trees!!! Loving them. The new majestic angel does work hard to make sure there's no leaf on the trees :-(
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PO4 climbing to 1.39ppm aiming at a new tank record. Weapons of mass destruction all hooked up but in slow start mode just warming up. Vodka upped to 2mL a day dosed once at around 11am, LaCl3 300ppm solution 60mL a day split into 48 doses. Chiller flow turned down to 1/3 or so just to avoid H2S, so that the 3 filters (GFO/GAC, bio-pellets, and LaCl3) T'ed off it get more flow, might need a separate pump for them.
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PO4 shooting up to 1.26ppm now, challenging the tank record of 1.48ppm a few months ago. It suddenly comes to me that this time I spent a whole week home and watch PO4 shooting up from 0.8ppm to 1.26ppm and seemingly still climbing, it might be related to my time at home, when traveling PO4 stays more or less around 0.8ppm, when home it reaches up to greet me, how lovely? Ok time for clam baby :-)
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I'm going to rename this tank "how come not yet crashed?"
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PO4 back up to 1ppm and holding its position, I'm showing them my bottle of AR grade LaCl3 see if that scares them off

start dosing vodka 1ml daily at 11:45am, see how it goes
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My tangs are picking at my sps polyps, what kind of vegetarian are they? They consume 90% of the clams too which I feed twice daily to the regal who refuses to eat anything else, not even corals of any flavor - what kind of angel is this guy? What kind of tank mates am I having here ???
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the dirty tank

epic po4 levels peaked at 1.48ppm (yes ppm not ppb) a while ago, now about 0.80ppm by hanna 93717 as well as the smaller egg style 736 p tester. about 750ml of gfo in BRS style reactors driven by waveline dc-6k, t'ed from the chiller run. much more probably 2000ml more gfo in several bags passively placed in sump, almost more gfo than water in tank. 750ml of bio-pellets "dog bone" style in reactors, not much flow though, obviously not working.

alk edging up lately, had to lower calcium acetate dosing from 30ml to 15ml a day, which happens to also serve as organic carbon, might need to start dosing vodka which can be adjusted independent of alk levels, not like this diy all in one ca acetate (ca, alk and carbon). my other dosing regime vinegar boosted limewater top off is also an all in one scheme: ca, alk with carbon even salinity, making organic carbon dosing adjustment quite impossible.

all else fails the next weapon of massive destruction in this epic battle would be LaCl3 which is ready to go, dosing through a check valve into the first stage of a 3 stage BRS style filter, next 2 stages filled with 10 micron and 1 micron filter cartridges. everything ready standing by for couple months, just need to figure out the concentration, daily dosing volume and optimal flow through rate, which takes a lot of po4 tests a bit too much fun for me. my wet dreams are filled with auto po4 tester and alk tester, constantly feeding readings to controller and iPhone.

no3 tested several times couple months apart, salifert consistently showing the beautiful deep purple-ish pink, better looking than my best looking pink stylo frag, not sure how to read it but definitely over 100ppm so i don't bother testing any more.

despite the 100x optimal nutrient levels, sps colors are quite ok, pe poor though not sure whom to blame the fishes, the 4 wave makers or the water parameters, well not water, when gluing frags, pumps off fishes hiding lights raised, polyps actually come out, maybe lights? lps, sea fans and softies are much happier needless to say, they were there mostly as low nutrition indicators in the first place. thin green powdery film on glass every 2-3 days, no cyano visible, no other pest algae, fishes fat and happy, if they invent an auto glass wiper robot I'm a happy man as i can be.

both radion pro once peak at 90% at 14k now 75% at 12k (appears about the same brightness and noise levels, just whiter) hanging over the 2 by 2 surface area, planning on adding the other one to make a trio once back from factory repair, to smooth out coverage and reduce noise, the ecotech things are so noisy - the only equipment audible 2 meters from tank are the mp10 pumps and radion pro lights, to be fair their backup battery is very quiet :-)
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8 hainan stags 4-6" added on sat dec 7th, 3 green 3 purple 2 light blue. couple of them still not extending polyps, hmm?

a pink milli fragged into 4 pieces, not much pe either

and 2 colonies of shenzhen or holy needle bought together, one with green cast one hint of purple-ish, put in low light
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