water temp keeps at 81-86 degrees, the fan takes it back down to 76 degrees
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yesterday I added 12 minnows and killed two in 15% water change.
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No fish yet.... nitrate level is going down it's 8-ppm now. A daily 10% water change until it's in control. I added a powerhead-70 with a filter tube in addition to my Fluval-U3.
It's been so hot my water temp. hit 86 degrees, I put some ice in to cool it down, now it's 81 degrees.

Living on the face of the sun these days.
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The tank was filled with water and the substrate on July 12,2019, plants added on July 13. Today is July 21, I have 8 days in water and the water is clear, all the plants are showing bright green new growth. I just entered into my nitrite phase. With ammonia at 0-ppm, I will be adding 2-3 guppies maybe tomorrow.
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