Ordered a 240 Gallon 96 x 24 x 24 tank from Reef Savvy.Big backlog but I think will be worth the wait. Support system will be built in the garage. The plan is to use a 150 gallon stock tank as the main sump. A 40B will be used for the refugium. A big thanks to Dennis (d2mini) for a lot of good ideas on support system build out.
View November 4, 2013 23:18
tank failure last night. Front left glass cracks top to bottom. It's only a flesh wound! Recovery plans are underway.
View October 15, 2013 16:13
Algae is virtually gone. Sea hare is like a harvester. Took out about 4 sq. ft. of algae in 4days!
View October 12, 2013 16:28
Added CUC pkg from Reefs2go.
View October 3, 2013 10:58
Rewired hood today. All is now good.
View September 18, 2013 23:38
The temperature of the tank dropped to 78.4 this morning with the 1200 LPH pump off all night. It seems to be a major source of heat. My first attempt at controlling this is to get the refugium back on line and add a fan inside the cabinet. Presently running the WP25 along with the return pump and the 300 LPH pump in the back. Temp is now at 78.8.

View September 4, 2013 16:47
Lost one of the Cardinals today. It was active and eating well yesterday at lunch. Last night I noticed it had hid in the rocks. This morning it was listless with a cloudy eye area. I found it stuck to the WP25 about lunch time. Might have been a bacteria infection, but that surely was fast acting.
View September 4, 2013 16:44
In an effort to isolate the major source of heat (tank was running at 81.3 with a room ambient of 72) I shut off the 1200 LPH pump on the left side of the tank. The temperature has dropped to 78.8 as of now. I'll leave it off over night and check it in the morning.
View September 4, 2013 00:18
Cardinals are settling in fine. All are eating and look healthy.
View September 4, 2013 00:17
Hood is tested and ready to install. Still have to complete light driver box and a few cables before the lights are done.
View August 28, 2013 22:53