Well checked my parameters today not so well off, I guess I will do another 5gallon water change tomorrow. On the bright side my alk is down to 9. But calcum fell back to 340. Will dose tomorrow's water.
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Did 5 gallon water change today. Finally got my calcium back to 440 and got my spec gravity down 1.022. Recived two mushrooms green and red on sunday and 2 ricordea orange and green and one sea whip coral. Placed phosguard in tank for the next two days. Will run it every sat and sun.
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Well got two fish today a lawnmower blenny and a yellow watchmen goby. There doing great eating there hearts out. Also received two corals one leather and one (I dont know). I also picked up a alantic sea cucumber to help out with sand filtering. Parameters are good but my
Alkalinity is on the high side and so is my spec gravity. Just did a 5 gallon water change 4 salted from my LFS and 1 gallon of R/o. I will do a full measurements tomorrow to see if I need to do another water change. Im going to start dosing a new product for me liquid reef once a week. So now it will be sunday is reef trace 2.5 mil, tues liquid reef 2.5 mil, and thurs purple tech 5 mil. And water changes on sat morning.

side note. About 1 hour after adding the watchman he has disappeared no sign of him.
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Just got back from another long trip. Wife has been taking care of the tank. The first thing in my tank to catch my eye was the coraline. Starting to see alot of green coraline growth. Lost alot of purple and the pink coraline. The red coraline is turning nice and dark really looks good. Had 01 blue hermit crab died today(smallest one) . Still cant get my ph above 8.0 going to buy some buffer to increase it. Started feeding the clown fish twice a day. My refrigum not doing to hot my cheato is a little smaller than a golfball have a feeling its my ph killing it.
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I just got back from my trip to find that the wife forgot to check salinity and record water temp. I need to figure out a way to remind her to do those things. I think I might try writting out the required tests for her to make it easier. I guess I will see if that works as I have another trip soon.
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