Fish Notes: Blue tang continues to integrate well into tank and is less skittish when persons past by tank. Tang is visually hiding alot less and spends most times swimming around with largest clownfish "Coral" and grazing on algae growth. Tang has been whitnessed eating pellet food however still no luck yet with Nori.
Largest clownfish "Coral" whitespot on left sides seems to be healing and becoming harder to see and seems "faded" as her orange pigmentation returns. This seems to confirm my original assumption that this was not "whitespot" but infact either a injury of some sort, cyst, or other viral infection.
Middle clown "Marlin" still has same whitespots as when originally purchase, approx 1-2 months ago. Believe this to be more of a pigmentation problem as the bumps do not change, are not raised in anyway. Fish in question has never been witnessed scratching or exhibiting any strange or concerning behaviour. no other fish are showing any similar signs so dont believe it to be infectious, however will continue to monitor.
Coral seems unaffected so far from yesterdays over dose of alk. Calcium levels are holding so at this stage seems to be no adverse effects. Will dose calcium this afternoon and will perform tests on both in a couple of days to confirm levels.
Red slime algae noted in refugium growing on recently introduced macroalgae. manually removed as much as possible yesterday and removed rocks from sump area that showed signs of spread. Considering treating macroalgae with chemiclean that is on hand external from display to prevent any effect on live stock. Will have to research this more as i am unaware of the effects this will play on the macroalgae itself and the smaller life forms that live within. Personally i would rather terminate the life within the marco algae and not the system as a whole.
September 28, 2015 22:43