Fish Notes: Largest Clownfish. Today fish shows little signs of yesterday white mark. You can still see that something had occurred on the fish at that location but only from slightly white discolouration. There is no zit/cyst like lump. Fish in question still shows nil abnormal behaviour and is continuing to eat and swim around tank well.
Blue tang continues to improve and today was witnessed eating 2-4 prepared pallet foods. Tang continues to loose abnormal shape to abdomen believed fish to be of poor body mass on purchase and is slowly regaining proper body weight. All other fish nil change nil complaint.
Coral continues to show nil poor effects from accidental overdose of alk from the other day and testing today shows levels to be steady (slight rise in both but expected post water change). At this stage happy to prepare to add more coral and fish when money is available.
Just a side note: Protein skimmer seems to be functioning increasing better although of cheap brand and manufacturer. This will obviously be due to increase in fish population and food and waste production however nitrates continue to remain @ 0 and no noted increase in algae growth. Macro Algae in sump has shown no obvious signs of growth and personally at this stage i am contemplating whether it has actually started to deteriorate. Skimmer is positioned before refugium and with the current amount of live rock in tank there is a very good chance that there still is insufficient nutrients to sustain it. I am attempting to plan for future growth of the tank and would like to keep this macroalgae in good health. Will continue to monitor its growth or demise over time.
September 29, 2015 18:10