120 Gallon Mixed Reef



I named my aquarium. In fact I've named all of them, and will probably continue to do so. The 40 breeder mixed reef is named Relativity. The name comes from the idea that every step I've taken in the hobby is relative to the step before it.

The timeline thus far:

Relativity: 40 breeder, 20 long sump
Simplicity: 20 long, HOB filtration
The Nursury: 20 long, freshwater angelfish hatchery

The goal for Relativity was to be a tranquil respite inside my home office. Working from home it's very easy to get caught up in the stresses of the day and to not have somewhere to escape from them. By having the reef in my office it gives me a place to "get away" when I need to ground myself.


20 gallon long, 3 chamber sump
Live rock rubble + chaeto in refugium
Eshopps s200 cone skimmer
Synergy Reef Systems reactor running 118 mL of biopellets


4-lamp T5 HO

ATI Blue+
ATI Purple+
ATI Aquablue Special
ATI Blue+


Danner Mag 7 return
Koralia 600 x2




8 Fish

2 Blue/Green Reef Chromis Chromis viridis
Firefish Goby Nemateleotris Magnifica
Foxface Rabbitfish Siganus vulpinus
Mandarin Goby Synchiropus splendidus
Mimic Eibli Tang Centropyge eibli
Ocellaris Clownfish Amphiprion ocellaris
Tomato Clownfish Amphiprion frenatus

8 Corals

Birdsnest Coral Seriatopora hystrix
Candy Cane Coral Caulastrea furcata
Duncan Polyp Duncanopsammia axifuga
Folded Brain Coral Trachyphyllia radiata
Green Star Polyp Clavularia viridis
Leaf Plate Montipora Montipora capricornis
ORA Red Planet Acropora sp

1 Invertebrate

Rose Bulb Anemone Entacmaea quadricolor





2x daily - New Life Spectrum sinking pellets
3x weekly - Reef Chili
3x weekly - 1/2 cube frozen mysis shrimp


Weekly 5 percent water changes
Skimmer cup and cone cleaning as needed

On average you perform a 10% water change every 8 days.

0% total water change in June.

0 activities in the last year

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Inspiration & Goals

I've drawn inspiration for Relativity from many places, but mainly from member aquariums over on the Nano-Reef.com forums. I saw what many people had accomplished with a tank that had a somewhat small footprint and knew that it would be an ideal size for my office.

The goal of Relativity is simple - A healthy, mixed reef with as little maintenance as possible. I like to keep reefing simple, adding only what I need as I need it. So far this has worked well.

Words of Wisdom

I'll offer the same advice that everyone else does:

Plan more, act less.
Ask for help from people who know more than you.
Realize that almost everyone knows more than you.


I have to thank my amazing wife for not only getting me into this hobby, but for sharing at least part of my passion. Her patience and encouragement every step of the way has been the ultimate factor in my success thus far.