New acroporia colony I added has mostly bleached that sucks. It was a yellow variety cant seem to keep them from stripping. Fragged it up and saved a large size frag but don't know if it will make it?????????????????????
View December 14, 2018 08:57
RODI system leaking really bad had to order new system. So water change will have to wait this weekend using all the remaining RODI water for ATO.
View December 14, 2018 08:55
So having trouble with a brown dust like algae specificly on the powerheads then flowing out on the corals. Nitrate are 1-2ppm and Phosphates .04ppm both of which are in tollerances I think. Cant figure it out might go on the forums and post pics and ask the reefing community what I should do.
View November 2, 2018 06:58
Tank using less alkalinity I think because I scarped off the Coraline algae from the back lowered dose of alkalinity.
View June 11, 2018 10:34
Tested the tank last night everything is spot on except K which is a 440. I am getting such good growth now that the tank is stable. Cant help wondering when the other shoe will drop, god I hope it doesn't. Only problem I am really having right now is bubble algae and aptasia. But I just bought an laser that I saw tested out on you tube by Mark levenson on meleeves reef. But won't be here for 4-6 week shipping from china or something. I will update when I get it and test out. I have tried aptasia X and the majano wand neither with much success.
View April 5, 2018 07:47
Was at .01 on Nitrates now 0. Phosphates have not been a big problem lately adding Phosbhane by Brightwell aquatics when needed. It looks like I had a little cyano in the back of the tank do I added a MP40 and upping the flow seems to have cleared up the cyano in the back. But now getting some in the front. may Add Redslime remover if it doesn't clear up. Alkalinity and calcium is not dropping I think due to the new corals and Large Maxima clam I added. I have increased dosage from 40ml to 50ml on each. I will test again and see if that helps maintain those parameter's. Everything else seems to be amazingly staple for the time being. I am getting lots of growth on montiphora and all acrophora. So right now just waiting for the other foot to drop LOL!
View February 20, 2018 09:15
Have good luck with the Nitrates at 1ppm and phosphate .03 seems that the bio pellet reactor is working like gang busters. Having lots of growth and tank is doing very well thinks it has finally got its grove and is pretty stable. Knock on wood fingers crossed.
View February 1, 2018 19:14
Still battling Nitrates have not really changed Still in the 20PPM. Do not know what to do. I have had the Bio-pellet reactor going for 12 Weeks tomorrow with no affect. So I have been trying Kordon product Amquelplus which is suppose to lower ammonia, Nitrites and Nitrates. Don't know what I will do next. Last weekend I did a 18 Gallon water change trying to lover them. Trying to fight it on all fronts. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
View July 20, 2017 09:41
So made a bone head move phosphate was too high so used the recommended dose of phosphat-e and lowered phosphates to fast stripped a couple of corals ??
View June 25, 2017 08:58
So it has been 4 Weeks and no significant reduction in Nitrates to the Bio pellet reactor. Most of the information I read says it takes 6 full weeks to break in. Hopefully it works soon Nitrates are between 12 and 25 on the Nyos test kit. Funny thing is I am not seeing any adverse affects and the corals are growing. we will see I guess.
View April 21, 2017 09:51