Was at .01 on Nitrates now 0. Phosphates have not been a big problem lately adding Phosbhane by Brightwell aquatics when needed. It looks like I had a little cyano in the back of the tank do I added a MP40 and upping the flow seems to have cleared up the cyano in the back. But now getting some in the front. may Add Redslime remover if it doesn't clear up. Alkalinity and calcium is not dropping I think due to the new corals and Large Maxima clam I added. I have increased dosage from 40ml to 50ml on each. I will test again and see if that helps maintain those parameter's. Everything else seems to be amazingly staple for the time being. I am getting lots of growth on montiphora and all acrophora. So right now just waiting for the other foot to drop LOL!
February 20, 2018 04:15