300 Reef

New Providence, NJ
Volume 300 Gallons
Dimensions 72'' x 36'' x 27''
Make Marineland
Model 300DD


This tank was just moved from my 180 to a new 300.

I started my first Salt Water Tank when I was 20. It was a basic 55 Gallon setup with fluorescent bulbs! I have been involved with Reef tanks now for the past 25 Years and I am amazed every year with new technology that comes out. My current reef tank is a 300 gallon glass tank with 2 overflows. I run a Trigger 44 Sump, (2) COR 20 pumps which supply the tank. I have also plumed everything with pvc. I run (4) gen 4 radion xr30 pros with (4) aquatic life t5 bulbs. i run a 40w pentair uv, reef octopus calcium reactor, kalk reactor and a clear water scrubber. everything is connected to a complete apex system. After being in this hobby for over 25 years, all the money spent and disasters, I wouldn't trade it for a thing! I will say, I definitely learn something new every day about this hobby/obsession!


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45 Fish

Banggai Cardinalfish Pterapogon kauderni
Blue Reef Chromis Chromis cyaneus
Blue Throat Trigger
Carpenters wrasse
Cinnamon Clownfish Amphiprion melanopus
Cleaner wrasse
Emperor Angelfish Pomacanthus imperator
Fairy wrasse
Fang Goby Danio rerio var
Harlequin Tusk Choerodon fasciatus
Hippo Tang
Huchtii Anthias Pseudoanthias huchtii
Indigo Dottyback Pseudochromis fridmani x sankeyi
Kole Blue Eye Tang Ctenochaetus strigosus
Lamarck's Angelfish Genicanthus lamarck
Lieutenant Tang Acanthurus tennenti
Lightning Maroon Clown Premnas biaculeatus var
Long nose hawk
Lunar Wrasse
Lyretail Anthias Pseudanthias squamipinnis
Magnificent Foxface Siganus magnificus
Mandarin Goby Synchiropus splendidus
Picasso Clown
Purple Tang Zebrasoma xanthurum
Six Line Wrasse Pseudocheilinus hexataenia
Snow flake eel
Sohal Tang Acanthurus sohal
Solar Wrasse
Squareback Anthias Pseudoanthias pleurotaenia
2 Starry Blenny Salarias ramosus
Talbot's Damselfish Chrysiptera talboti
Xanthurus Cream Angelfish Apolemichthys xanthurus

2 Invertebrate

2 Harlequin Shrimp Hymenocera elegans


Pentair 40w UV
acclimate XL
2 apex ddr
apex eb4
apex eb8
2 apex eb832 power bar
apex trident
brs jumbo reactor
clear water scrubber
frag Tank
icecap rodi
2 water storage containers 65 gallons
Kent Strontium
Marineland 300DDD
Custom Algae Scrubber
Under Cabinet Lighting
kessil h80
2 SEN Pumps
mighty jet
custom stand
2 Rid Volt Grounding


I have tried many different additives threw the years, and I think I have finally found the right mix of products! I started using Quantum Foundation Program, and I am very happy with the results so far. I have made the decision to switch all my additives including salt mix over to Quantum. I have the 3 coloration program hooked up to a dosing pump. As with anything within this hobby, you have to find what fits your tank needs.


There are alot of different views on maintenance and water changes on reef tanks. Some people change water every day, week, 2 weeks, or I even know some people who do water changes every 6-9 months! I truly feel that whatever works for your tank, roll with it. Me, personally, I change out 65 gallons every 3/4 weeks, and clean all my pre filters/socks once a week. I clean the glass every 2 days. This is the routine that works for me and my reef tank.

On average you perform a 16.9% water change every 43 days.

0% total water change in August.

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Words of Wisdom

The Best words of wisdom I could give to another reefer would be 2 things, " Do not get discouraged" you will have ups and downs in this hobby and "be patient". patience is a must with reef tanks. don't rush the cycle, do your research on certain fish you want, research your corals and the backbone structure of the life support system for your tanks.

Disasters & Regrets

I have had 2 disasters with this tank. The first happened approximately 2 years afters the tank was up and running. I was at work and got a call from my cousin who lived across the street (who also is in the hobby) came over to get some supplies for his tank and found water shooting out all over the place. one of the pieces of live rock fell over and cracked the front glass! I left work, stopped and picked up a new tank then got home to find the remaining water in one garbage can, fish in a rubbermaid container, corals in another, and the live rock in another! it took us around 7 hours to get everything back together. Thank god he came over to borrow some supplies! the second disaster was this past year with super storm sandy. we lost power for 8 days, I have a small generator to power the house, and i did run 2 pumps off it and a small light. i was able to save the fish but did loose most of my corals. if you look in my photos, you will see a bubble coral that i was able to save and its on its way back! The main reason for me switching to the 180 is because the 2 top support braces cracked and I didn't want another Disaster!