Cleaned out sump today and serviced all the equipment.
Added new 100g of filter media Rowaphos to TMC reactor and added filter bag to the output tap to stop sump filling up with media.
View February 27, 2016 17:53
Removed Maxspect Gyre and installed two Ecosmart Vortech MP40s on side walls.
View February 26, 2016 17:58
Added Cheato to the sump
View February 25, 2016 14:37
Also added 7 polyp frag of Zoas
View February 24, 2016 14:38
Added Reactor with Rowaphos
View February 24, 2016 14:37
Added orange plate coral and large zoa colony.
Small bunch of zoas enclosed in algae, going to attempt Hydrogen Peroxide dip to kill algae.

Also added orange Starfish with 1hr acclimatisation.
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Today I removed all the corals from their frag plugs or rocks that there were attached to and then reattached them directly to my rocks.

On removing the rock that had the Torch Coral I dropped it and the Torch collided with the Kenya Tree coral damaging some of the Torch's polyps. I gave all the corals an Iodine dip and also dosed the tank.

The Torch is looking much happier this evening, so fingers crossed. The Kenya tree is fine.

I fragged the Montipora Hirsuta into three small pieces that where the remaining healthy parts that survived the postal ordeal. I've attached these to rubble and they are currently in the sump.

I also fragged the Kenya Tree coral by removing one of the hang branches and attached this new piece a small bit of rock and that is not on the opposite side of the tank.

Lastly I separated some of the Zoas and reattached them to my live rock.
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Received 50 reagents today for Hanna Phosphate checker. Will check water parameters.
View January 20, 2016 14:29
Had large algae outbreak covering most of the glass and the equipment. Algae was mostly green and scrubbing the algae of the glass resulting in what looked like macroalgae flowing in the tank. I've also noticed more coralline algae.

Also had to change filter sock as it was blocked.
View January 20, 2016 14:27
Noticed over the last few days spots of Coralline Algae, finally!
View January 15, 2016 07:25