Black Pearl

Toronto, Canada
Volume 40 Gallons
Make Grreat Choice
Model 40 Gal
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I setup my very first saltwater aquarium in Sept 2015. I have had freshwater aquariums as a child and always wanted to get into saltwater. It is a lot more work then I anticipated at first but find it very rewarding.


As a child i got into freshwater aquariums and really enjoyed it but always dreamed about a saltwater tank. I left the hobby for 10 years and got back into freshwater again but didn't find it interesting and left the hobby once again. After another 10 years I got the itch again but decided to get into saltwater this time, it took allot more effort then i thought but I find it rewarding and I really enjoy sitting back and watching my saltwater friends swim around.


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My filtration setup on this tank is very basic. I am using a canister filter as the main filtration in the system and also using a protein skimmer. I also added a hang-on filter with no filter pad to hold any kind of media I would like to use, at the moment I am using Seachem Purigen and Rowas Phosphate remover. I use my carbon in the canister filter.
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Ice Cap Battery Back up
Check Valve
2 Lee's Check Valve
Penn Plax Silent Air B11
Silicone Airline Tubing 20'
1.5 Gal Quarantine Tank
Great Choice 40 Gallon Tank
Acrylic Tank Manufacturing Outbreak
Zeovit Bak
Cobalt Gravel Cleaner
Eheim SuperVac
Filter Coil Brush
2 Heavy Duty Pail
Cobalt EXT Canister Filter
2 SeaPora Filter Media Bag XL
Seachem Tidal 110
Orbit LED Adjustable Tank Mount Bracket
Lifegard Silicone Lubricant
Lifeguard Aquatics 1200 Water Pump
Ocean Free Battery Air Pump
AquaSafe DI Resign
AquaSafe Remineralization RO/DI Kit
AquaSafe Sediment Filter Set
Aquatic Life Color Changing DI Resign
RO/DI Pre Filter Refills
Red Sea Coral Pro Salt
10ml Dosing Syringe
3" Coarse Fish Net
3ml pipet
2 5G Food Grade Container
6 Test Tubes with Rack
American Marine Pinpoint Calibration Fluid ph10
American Marine Pinpoint Calibration Fluid ph7
Aquarium Glass Cleaner
Aquarium Glass Shield
Aquatic Creations Coral Background
Boston Aqua Farms Soft Coral Scalpel
Boston Aqua Farms Surgical Stainless Steel Scissors
Boston Surgical Stainless Steel Tweezers Coated Black
Bulk Reef Supply Fiji Dry Aquarium Live Rock
Custom Glass Sliding Lid
D-D EZE Clean
Danby Mini Fridge
Deep Blue Professional Ground Control Titanium Probe
Eheim Feeding Station
Hanna Deionized Water
Hanna Ph Storage Solution
Icecap Gyre Apex Module
Icecap Gyre Module cable
Innovative Marine DIY Self Leveling Mat
Kent Glass Cleaner
Kollercraft Dip & Pour Multipurpose Container
Magdrive replacement pre filter
MarineLand Aquarium Silicone
5 Pinpoint Calibration Fluid ph10
Pinpoint Calibration Fluid ph7
Test Tube Brush
Ultralife Mag-Tastic Magnetic Holder 1 Pack
Underwater Treasures 5" Fish Net
Venom Steel Premium Industrial Nitrile Gloves (Black)
hanna pH 4.01 Buffer Solution

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New Life Spectrum Marine Fish Formula · NewLife Spectrum Marine Formula · New Spectrum Marine Fish Formula · Julian Sprung Sea Veggies · Omega One Veggie Rounds · Nutrafin Tropical Fish Flake Food · Cobalt Marine Veggie Flakes · BCUK Mysis Shrimp · Cobalt Aquatics Mysis Flakes · BCUK Mysis · Mysis Shrimp · Seachem ZooPlankton · Two Little Fishies Marine Snow · Red Sea Reef Energy A · Red Sea Reef Energy B · LRS Reef Frenzy · American Marine Selcon

On average you perform a 33.3% water change every 24 days.

0% total water change in August.

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Added Marine Pure to canister filter
Setup Neptune Apex Automatic Feeder
Set up Icecap Gyre Apex Module
Setup Jebao Apex Module
Installed Apex Advanced Leak Detector and Probe and Programmed
Installed Grounding Probe

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Inspiration & Goals

As of now my tank is a FOWLR tank but as the tank matures I do plan on introducing some corals and making it a reef tank.

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