Algae takeover without nutrients? I keep a very clean reef environment, maintaining 0ppm nitrates and 0ppm phosphates at all times (API - 2 different kits), however I'm getting an explosion of red hair algae, not sure of the taxonomy, but if you look up close on any of my macro shot photos you'll see what I mean. This has been going on for the past 4 months or so. I do not dose any supplement which contains iron either. So...nutrients are non-existent with algae flourishing. Any experienced reef keepers have any thoughts or suggestions? Am I missing something? lol Greatly appreciated!
May 31, 2013 20:50
karlyboy ‐ Randy Holmes Farley "Phosphorus exists in two primary forms in seawater: as inorganic phosphates, especially orthophosphate, and as organophosphate forms. Orthophosphate is readily taken up by algae and is active in inhibiting calcification. The organic forms may or may not be available to organisms such as algae. Aquarists can readily test for inorganic orthophosphate using a standard aquarium phosphate test kit, but testing for organic phosphorus compounds is considerably more tedious. Moreover, if there is an algae problem, then the algae may be consuming the orthophosphate as fast as it enters the water, thereby masking the issue. Consequently, many reef aquarists may not recognize that they have a phosphate problem, only that they have an algae problem."