ORA Hyacinth Birdsnest
dtum ‐ Color galore!
cdefla ‐ Thanks dtum! Cannot wait until these grow out and can frag them!
darkwingduck ‐ Awesome shot! Is that six-line behaving himself?? I think I might get rid of mine as I hear they can be bullies.
cdefla ‐ Actually yes! They are known to be bullies, however mine is tame really. Believe it or not, he was the 2nd fish to be added to this system after my Ocellaris. It may be because he was a juvenile, he was very small when I got him, he has doubled in size since. They are quite beautiful fish, and let me tell you, a GREAT exterminator of pests.
darkwingduck ‐ Wow that surprises me. I guess sometimes when the conditions and tank mates are right they are ok. Mine seems to be the same, buts hes still small. Very well behaved so far though. I want to keep him but I dont want to risk have a bully in the tank later on.
cdefla ‐ I guess it does depend on the tank mates. Following the wrasse I added the two three-stripe damsels (which are bullies), then the chromis, coral beauty, another clownfish and watchman goby. All is peaceful! Just monitor it and you should be just fine since yours is young!
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