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  • ORA Bird of Paradise / Seriatopora caliendrum
d2mini ‐ Lovely colors on this one! :)
cdefla ‐ thanks! just got a great deal on one large colony that I divided into two...this one is an investment coral since I can frag it off for trade with my LFS.
darkwingduck ‐ Very nice piece. The purple and green is so captivating!
cdefla ‐ Thanks! Definitely one of my favorites, besides the ORA Green Birdsnest, which looks absolutely amazing under the royal blue LED's. I'm looking to actually start aquaculturing the 4 Seriatopora species in an adjoined frag tank to use as trade at my LFS!!!
iczerone2000 4 years
ventino 4 years
adammahne 4 years
sekunda2003 5 years
utopianreef 5 years
patwreck 6 years
darkwingduck 6 years
ssbk23 6 years
rowdies 6 years
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Bird of Paradise (Seriatopora caliendrum) 2 null 2013-05-28
Seriatopora caliendrum