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Age 2 months, 22 days
Started October 27, 2018
Official Volume 130 Gallons
Actual Volume 120 Gallons

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ytateno ‐ nice color!
ytateno ‐ dark red gradation looks beautiful!
ytateno ‐ beautiful balloon!
ytateno ‐ Is this a bubble coral, or bubble disk?


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Jan 18
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Jan 18
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Jan 18

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Calcium lime · Seed · Iron Concentrate · Foundation Magnesium · Sea Water Compex korallen-zucht.de · Red Sea Foundation Magnesium · Red Sea Foundation Calcium+ · Red Sea KH Alkalinity Supplement B · Bayoxide · LPS Amino Acid Concentrare · ZEOzym · Coral Booster · Coral Snow Plus · Kollar Filtration · CyanoClean · Selcon Concentrate · Bio-Mate · BioGaurd · Coral System 1 korrallen-zucht.de · Coral System 2 · Coral System 3 Amino Acids · Coral System 4 · MicroBacter7 Brightwells · Pohlâ??s Xtra special · MicroBacter7 Brighteells

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Omegaone Matine Mini Pellets with Garlic · Fuel · Live Pytopreme · Tigger pods · Mysis Feast · Coral Vitalizer · Reef Roids · Phytoprene · Coral Roids · Mysis frozen · PE Pellets. From BRS alternate with Omega pellets · PE Pellets · Reef Roids 0.5 tsp in late am 0.5 tsp to chili at 2030 target fed · Omega micro pellets · Coral Booster · Selcon · LPS Amino Acids · R.O.E.reef nutrition

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13 Fish

5 Banggai Cardinals sp sp
Black lightning clown sp sp
Cinnamon lighting clown sp sp
Green Mandarin sp sp
Lawn mower blenny sp sp
McCosker's Flasher Wrasse sp sp
Yellow watchman goby sp sp
Yellow watchman golby sp sp

21 Corals

Bi-Color Bubble Coral Tree sp sp
Bicolor ricordia sp sp
2 Blue Splatter Torch sp sp
Blue ricordia sp sp
Chili Coral sp sp
Colony Rock (Zoanthid):Eagle Eye Super sp sp
Green Hammer coral sp sp
Green leather coral sp sp
2 Hammer bicolor green toxic sp sp
Live rock sp sp
Meteor Shard Cyphastea sp sp
Meteor Shard Cyphastea sp sp
Mystic Monti sp sp
Neon green leptorphoris sp sp
Oregon Tort sp sp
Pink damicornis sp sp
Red Meteor rock with zooantheds sp sp
Sunset monti sp sp
Xenia sp sp

66 Invertebrate

32 Black Friday Reef Cleaner Special (hermit crabs x 2 kinds, snails, 3 emerald crabs, cleaner shrimp) sp sp
Blue tuxedo sea urchin sp sp
Duncan over 10 heads sp sp
10 Hermit crabs small sp sp
Left handed crab sp sp
Lettuce Nudibranch sp sp
Maxium clam purple mantle white spots sp sp
10 Nassarius snails sp sp
Pink/Rose Bubble Tip Anemone sp sp
Purple Tiger clam sp sp
Red Rock Anemone sp sp
Red leg crab sp sp
Red legged hermit crab sp sp
Red mushrooms sp sp
Tiger piston shrimp sp sp
2 Turbo Snails sp sp

1 Plant

Cheto sp sp

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Yesterday we had a 7.0 earthquake. Space space we were able to save the Fishtank however it had a bulkhead which Susan and Ian did a phenomenal job in controlling the large leak while I was at work du
Still no watchman goby I did a water change today plus I rinsed all the sponges including the sponges on the side fans for some reason my protein skimmer is putting out extra amounts of air have not b
Watchman goby has disappeared. Mandarin is much more active. Cardinals seem to like bottled and frozen mysis.