Yesterday we had a 7.0 earthquake. Space space we were able to save the Fishtank however it had a bulkhead which Susan and Ian did a phenomenal job in controlling the large leak while I was at work during the disaster. They were able to keep water in the aquarium and the pumps running until Alaska coral and fish were able to get here I cannot say how grateful I am to Alaska Coral and Fish because they did not have to do this. They came out to replace the bulkhead Friday The came back today and took all the water out and fix the stand, of which had been broken by the earthquake. I then put the rock all back together in a completely different form so some things will die some things will live we have found most animals except I am missing some Xoanthids and polyps. I have all of my fish located I have not had a death yet I do not know where the Pistons shrimp is and I do not know how the rocks were originally arranged but they?ve been changed so I expect some deaths. I have seen the sea urchin however not lately so unsure where it has gone. I will need to watch water closely will test again on Wednesday currently nitrates are up slightly.
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Still no watchman goby I did a water change today plus I rinsed all the sponges including the sponges on the side fans for some reason my protein skimmer is putting out extra amounts of air have not been able to figure it out yet but top tank does not seem horribly affected at this point
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Watchman goby has disappeared. Mandarin is much more active. Cardinals seem to like bottled and frozen mysis.
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