Still having a hard time with hair algae. The phosphates are almost always 0 but probably related to algae. Keep adding Red Sea No3PO4 and chase pH, alkalinity and calcium.
View May 27, 2019 22:40
Not feeding today starfish got in the vortech and lost one leg and some tips everyone had a little to eat.
View March 26, 2019 23:10
Mann showed up and assume the sea urchin is behind the reef
View March 15, 2019 00:56
Not sure why unless because on substrate instead of rock but my maxima clam died two days ago. We lost our baby red dragonette two week ago. I saw my green circle mandarin yesterday but even put in copepods today and he did not come out yesterday he was fat moving zero signs of illness if he does not show up I have to wonder if this tube anemone is getting fed with my fish. Pray Manny shows back up.
View March 14, 2019 20:45
I am back all chores and testing are done just need to record clean glass turn tube worm around and turn protein skimmer back on.
View March 10, 2019 15:49
My wife and son will be taking care of the tank this week. I will be in Orlando. I should find WWC and bring something home as a carry on.
View March 5, 2019 05:13
Seems that everyone in the tank is very happy today. I raised the pH and the alkalinity a touch and everything else tested great so all is well at the manor today
View February 23, 2019 12:10
This is the first set of chemistry numbers since the very large water change last week. It is very interesting that with the current cheaper salt that I got in the beginning of the tank by magnesium is Hinau and my calcium is low wear prior to the water change it was exactly the opposite. My phosphates are probably going to be how I am waiting on the number MOC on the nitrate everything else is normal. I think that’s for certain I need to purchase a higher level of salt for my water change in the next week or two just Make sure we are stabilizing.
View February 22, 2019 21:12
I had a high calcium again yesterday everything else tested perfectly I’m not sure what the situation is. I went ahead and did about an 8 to 10% water change was able to connect to the sink and it worked well for siphoning but had to carry water and I use this opportunity to clean the refugium in and did not take out any water from the upper tank will do that in two weeks. I was able to move the bubble tree this morning we will see how it looks and fares it had leaned over touching the glass so needed to be moved the chili was very large looked great was fed this morning I did put on the two Wall mounted frag rock and moved my essentially, cat paw up onto the top rock on the back wall will see how it likes it up there. I placed all of the other frag holders in the tank to see how they do and then will play his friends in if we like the area that they’re at. I will test calcium specific gravity and DKH today and will make sure everything‘s OK and then continue to follow I also removed the algae off of that large fry at Boulder and Will attempt to feed the anemones today with chopped up clams
View February 2, 2019 19:48
Added vibrant in an attempt to help with the hair algae and two visible bubbles of bubble algae. I move the tube anemone he was stinging beautiful mushroom coral. When I moved him more of his rub was exposed. I think he will be fine. To move him though forced a move of the small hammer closer to the Duncan. M
View January 29, 2019 05:41