Started an all out war with the wire algae today. Crazy to think I first got it in a frag about 4 years ago and never thought anything of it. Now I am battling it full bore to stop it from killing everything. took every rock out that had some and either scraped it off entirely or left the rock in a bucket to take a chance at drying it out completely. Re scaped the whole tank in the process and actually might stick with this for a while.

Also moved my skimmer to the 2nd compartment in anticipation of getting full Triton running soon. Need to figure out the best way to mount the new MarsHydro grow light still.
View July 30, 2016 19:40
Stared dosing Triton Elements. Risky with me going away for 2 days but will monitor PH to make sure nothing goes really crazy until Sunday night.
View July 1, 2016 15:09
Sending off Triton test kit today and seeing how things are. I ran through every test kit I had (Sailfert, Hanna, Red Sea) and will compare the results. I feel like things have been stable yet I cannot seem to keep SPS for more than a few days. I also cannot seem to raise Alkalinity up to match Red Sea Coral Pro salt levels. My guess is some bacteria is eating it up and keeping it from raising. Going to maybe do another water change but might just wait until I get the Triton results.
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So, tried to go with vinegar to lower my nitrates after Vodka started STN on all my coral. After about a week of following the dosing I have have what seems to be Dino taking over my tank.

Yesterday was the end of a 3 day blackout and much of it was gone. Today after a few hours of lights I can already see it coming back so I am going to do a water change to try to help fight it. I also stopped dosing Vinegar as that seemed to be the issue.

Biopellets might be happening in the future but for now I am going to just try frequent water changes to keep nitrates down.
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Started dosing Vodka for about 2 weeks to help remove Nitrates. Stopped after really bad reactions from most of my coral and nitrates never actually falling. Did a small water change and will do a larger one tomorrow to help remove some effects from it and get my levels to where they should be again.
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Calcium seems to be back down to normal levels. In doing some reading and thinking about my levels; I found it odd that I was dosing 2-part in different amounts (4ml/day difference). I found yet another article by Randy about how it may seem like I need to dose one thing over the other, when in reality, I need to dose the lesser additive more.

So, with calcium in a better range and alkalinity still dropping with daily dosing, I am going to dose 10ml per day and keep a close eye on things. My thinking is that I am somewhere between the .1ml per gallon and .2ml per gallon dosing amounts that Bulk Reef Supply recommends for starting points. Going to start with .1ml/gal for now and see where it leads me. Of course, more than ever, Aquatic Log has been a huge help in seeing my levels move one way or another.
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Seems like 5ml/day of calcium matches the consumption of the tank. Calcium is a little high now so I am going to stop auto-dosing for a few days and try to get it into a better range. I will then dose again at 5ml/day to keep it stable.

Alk is getting used pretty quickly it seems. Dosing 7ml/day seems to still not be enough so I am going to bump it up to 9ml/day and manual dose to get dKH back up to around 9 or 10.
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Banished my Singapore Angel to the sump. He certainly was pretty but after adding 17 new frags from Legendary this morning he was already picking at them all like crazy. Going to make sure he is happy down there until the next trip to the LFS in which he will be going to a better home.
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Lots of folks at R2R recommended that I stop dosing and that's what I've done. did a 10 gallon water change today and am taking measurement to help with dying coral. time to let the tank sit and do its thing before going from here. Added cheato and restocked the cleanup crew today to help fight algae.
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Dosing pump had a slight leak in it and ended up emptying my calcium dose for a few days before I noticed. Resulting in a intense drop in my Calcium levels. Also switching to Randys 2-part since ordering from BRS is getting to be a pain.

So for now.
Prestone Driveway Heat - Calcium
BRS until gone then Baking Soda -> Alkalinity
BRS Magnesium

This should be interesting to see how it effects the tank. For now, same dosing amounts.
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