Calcium seems to be back down to normal levels. In doing some reading and thinking about my levels; I found it odd that I was dosing 2-part in different amounts (4ml/day difference). I found yet another article by Randy about how it may seem like I need to dose one thing over the other, when in reality, I need to dose the lesser additive more.

So, with calcium in a better range and alkalinity still dropping with daily dosing, I am going to dose 10ml per day and keep a close eye on things. My thinking is that I am somewhere between the .1ml per gallon and .2ml per gallon dosing amounts that Bulk Reef Supply recommends for starting points. Going to start with .1ml/gal for now and see where it leads me. Of course, more than ever, Aquatic Log has been a huge help in seeing my levels move one way or another.
December 9, 2015 22:20