Got the last bit, other than the Java fern, planted and ready to start growing in!! Maybe I’ll get a c02 set-up, but for now... let’s see how the grow goes!! Also, found a snail amongst the plants, considered getting rid of him, I allowed him to stay and named him Fart.
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Got some of the plants in the substrate today... I need to order the lighting but I’ve been kinda lazy about it -will look into it more tomorrow!! Update with more pics tomorrow.
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Planted on 12/04
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Substrate consists of a miracle grow bottom layer, sand-capped, rough gravel mixed with sand, and then finer gravel to accent. 8 pieces of lava rock, accompanied by two pieces of driftwood, one Malaysian driftwood, the other un-identified.
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Hardscape laid on 11/30 then Filled with RO water 12/01, dosed with RO right to a pH OF 7.5.
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