Returned from Keck trip to find the water level low by at least 7 gallons. 5g ATO reservoir was empty. Salinity is undetectable. My guess is HOB skimmer overflowed at least 7 gallons and ATO emptied the reservoir trying to get the water level back within parameters. It took 7 scoops of salt to get salinity back to 35ppt.

Inhabitants added today are as follows:

Rast Zoa - 5 polyps
Utter Chaos Zoa - 4 polyps
Orange Oxide Zoa - 14 polyps

3 - Bi-Color Anthias
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I forgot to plug the ATO back in after WC on 11/25. When I returned from AZ on Fri. 11/30/18 Salinity was at 40ppt. I plugged the ATO back in and after it added the RO water the Salinity returned to 35ppt. No animals appear to have been affected. 2 gallons of water had evaporated from tank over 5 day period.

Dinos appear to be gone.

Now seeing what appears to be Cyano outbreak. Nitrates are at 2ppm. I am considering raising Nitrates to 5-10ppm to resolve the issue.

Inhabitants added today are as follows:

1 Incredible Hulk Acan
1 Jason Fox Day Glow Favia
1 Neon GSP
1 Bizarro Cyphastrea
1 Red & Green Blastomusa

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I performed WC today and cleaned the tank. I turned output of radion down to 20 percent and reduced radion run time to 6hrs er day. Hopefully this will help with Dinos and other nuisance algae.
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Increase PH to 8.6 to defeat Dinoflagellates.
Added 1.5tsp of Instant Ocean Sea Buffer. PH increased from 8.15 to 8.3.
Added 2 capfuls of Seachem Prestine and 1 capful of Seachem Stability
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Removed Biobale from CPR Skimmer and added Chaeto Macro Algae to the Bio chamber
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Performed 10g water change last night 10/4/18.
performed 3 gallon water change this morning 10/5/18.
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All corals purchased at MACNA 18 have died. The deceased are as follows:

1 Neon Trumpet - deteriorated over two week period after introduction
1 Purple Torch - upon introduction
1 Green Torch - upon introduction
1 Green Hammer - deteriorated over two week period after introduction
1 Aussie Special - upon introduction
1 Goochster Zoa - never opened zooanthalae could be seen for about 3 weeks.
1 Fruit loop Zoa - upon introduction
1 Rasta Zoa - lasted 3 weeks and started opening in 3rd week, but I believe it is dead.
1 Mint Pocillopora - upon introduction
1 Mystic Sunset Montipora - upon introduction

I purchased 5 Emerald crabs last week. bad idea. 2 killed zoas and themselves in the process. never again.

Added 5 Astrea snails last week. 3 died upon introduction to the tank, 1 is doing well, and one has not moved in a week.

critical chemistry is off. must do a water change today.

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