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Age 4 years, 22 days
Started October 1, 2012
Official Volume 120 Gallons
Actual Volume 180 Gallons
Dimensions 48'' x 24'' x 24''
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Model Custom
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chronzz ‐ cheers silvio73
cgbotts ‐ Great looking tank!
chronzz ‐ Thanks cgbotts
sews ‐ Beautiful Tank


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Custom Primo Reef & Acrylics Sump
Vertex ROX 0.8 Carbon
Kent Garlic Xtreme
Bulk Reef Supply 5 Stage RO/DI Replacement Filter Kit
Bulk Reef Supply DI Resin

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Frozen Food · Sea Weed · Hikari Spirulina Brine Shrimp Frozen · PE Mysis Shrimp · Julian Sprung Sea Veggies · Argent Cyclop-Eeze Freeze-Dried · New Life Spectrum Grow · New Era Algae Pellets · New Era Grazer Rings · Polyp Lab Reef-Roids · DT's Live Marine Phtyoplankton · Silver Fish · New Life Spectrum Marine Fish Formula

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18 Fish

Blue Tang Paracanthurus hepatus
2 Blue/Green Reef Chromis Chromis viridis
3 Blue/Green Reef Chromis Chromis viridis
Bluehead Fairy Wrasse Cirrhilabrus cyanopleura
Dispar Anthias Pseudanthias dispar
Engineer Goby Pholidichthys leucotaenia
Neon Goby Elacatinus oceanops
One Spot Foxface Siganus unimaculatus
Pink Spotted Watchman Goby Cryptocentrus leptocephalus
Tomini Tang (Flame Fin Tang) Ctenochaetus tominiensis
2 True Percula Clownfish Amphiprion percula
Yellow Tang Zebrasoma flavescens
Yellow Wrasse Halichoeres chrysus

29 Corals

Acan Rainbow Coral Acanthastrea echinata
Australian Rosebush
Australis Doughnut Coral Scolymia australis
Birdsnest Coral Seriatopora hystrix
Blue Tenius
Glove Polyp Clavularia sp.
Golden Mili
Grube's Gorgonian Pinnigorgia flava
12 Hairy Mushroom Rhodactis indosinensis
Leather Coral Lobophyton
Lobophyllia Brain Coral Lobophyllia hemprichii
Sun Coral Tubastrea sp.

81 Invertebrate

10 Black Turban Snail Tegula funebralis
Blood Red Fire Shrimp Lysmata debelius
10 Blue Legged Hermit Crab Clibanarius tricolor
30 Cortez Hermit Crab Chibanarius digueti
Crocea Clam Tridacna crocea
Derasa Clam Tridacna derasa
10 Green hermit crab Coenobita compressus
Lettuce Sea Slug Elysia crispata
Maxima Clam Tridacna maxima
2 Red Line Cleaner Shrimp Lysmata amboinensis
Serpent Sea Star Ophiomyxa australis
Spiny Brittle Star Ophiothrix spiculata
Spiny Sea Cucumber Pentacta anceps
Tigertail Cucumber Holothuria hilla
10 Turbo Snail Turbo fluctuosa

2 Plants

Caulerpa Caulerpa sp
Chaetomorpha Chaetomorpha sp.

On average you perform a 14.7% water change every 9 days.

0% total water change in December.

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Just Purchased the new Ecotech Marine Radion G3 PRO Lights for my tank and i'm selling my Ecotech Marine Radion G2 Lights if interested shoot me a text 4166716060 http://cnz.nu/TRtz
Got a new Custom PRA ATO Container 16X11X24 18 Gallons

2 x Horizontal Floats Switches (High & Low)

Using Apex I have automated my ATO Container. I have installed a Solenoid o
Added a new Salinity Probe to my Apex. Have to wait 2 week so the probe breaks in and i can calibrate it.
My Apex Dasboard
upgrading my apex jr to apex lite :) and the new AFS
Calcium and alkalinity are stable again will start dosing as of tomorrow.