Tropical Aquarium

Volume 10 Gallons
Make Top Fin
Model 10G


This tank used to house four young goldfish, but we moved them to a larger aquarium so they could grow properly. Now we've moved in a small mixed community of tropical fish.



The kit came with a standard filter appropriate for a 10 gallon tank, but I think they were assuming tropicals. When we had goldfish in the tank, I added a second sponge/bubble filter in the tank, both to have more of a bio filter, clear more waste, and aerate the tank a bit more. That filter remains for this new tropical incarnation of the tank.


The tank kit came with LED lights across the top. They work well enough, especially since we have no live plants, and we have a separate heater. Schedule? We turn them off when we go to bed and turn them back on in the morning.




8 Fish

Bloodfin Tetra Aphyocharax Anisitsi
Endler's Guppy Poecilia Wingei
3 Red Eye Tetra Moenkhausia sanctaefilomene
Yellow Cobra Guppy Poecilia reticulata var
2 catfish sp sp

1 Invertebrate

Nerite Snail Nerita sp.


Top Fin LED Lights
Top FinĀ®Tap Water Aquarium Dechlorinator Water Conditioner
PENN PLAX Standard Airline Tubing Air Pump Accessories, 25-Feet
Top Fin 20" Hood
Uxcell Aquarium Non-Return Air Pump Check Valves

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TetraFin Goldfish Flakes

On average you perform a 4.3% water change every 18 days.

0% total water change in June.

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For a while we had a problem with fish disappearing in this tank. All of the catfish vanished, and one of the bloodfin tetras.

We replaced the two bloodfin tetras and the catfish. The t
All is well in the tropical tank. All the fish seem to be happy, and no one else has died.

The snails make themselves scarce. When they can be found, they hang out by the sponge filter or
After a month and a half of observation, it seems like the die-off in the tropical aquarium is over. Chemistry is looking good. The remaining bloodfin does not like his lack of school. He keeps swimmi
That December 22 event was the start of a mass die-off in this aquarium that I was remiss in not documenting here. One by one, bloodfin tetras started dying off, one every couple of weeks or so. Then
Today we discovered one of the blood fin tetra dead, sucked against the filter intake. No obvious sign of death.
Oh, and I finally put a backing on the tank. What a difference that makes! It's not nearly so bright in there now.

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Inspiration & Goals

Inspiration: We didn't quite realize the limitations of goldfish, that we could be constrained with a single-species tank. We love our goldfish, but we would also like to have some variety.

- [DONE] convert the tank to tropicals now that the goldfish are out
- [PARTIAL - still need the gourami] have a mixed community with some schooling fish
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  • Red Eye Tetra / Moenkhausia sanctaefilomene

Disasters & Regrets

My only regret right now is getting a 10 gallon aquarium. I had no idea how limiting this would be to stock. A 20 gallon would have been much more flexible and beginner-friendly.