Knight Anoles

Chesapeake, Virginia
Volume 34 Gallons
Dimensions 18'' x 18'' x 24''
Make Exo Terra
Model Medium
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3 Fish

Knight Anole Anolis equestris
Knight Anole Anolis equestris
Knight Anole Anolis equestris


2 Exo Terra Reptile UVB 100

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1 doz. med. crickets - no supplements, w/ chopped grapes and kale · Dozen med. cric. w/ multi-vitamins and calcium no D3 · 15 medium crickets, calc no d3 and vit, grapes and carrots

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Here's a pic taken this afternoon of my 3 newest Knight Anoles. I just picked them up on 2/14 (yes VD gift for myself!)at a great LFS called Animal Jungle in Va. Beach, Va.

These are all
What the heck kind of fish are Knight Anoles? Well, of course they are not but, along with aquariums they are another one of my hobbies. I checked with Dmitri to make sure adding a terrarium to the si

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