Here's a pic taken this afternoon of my 3 newest Knight Anoles. I just picked them up on 2/14 (yes VD gift for myself!)at a great LFS called Animal Jungle in Va. Beach, Va.

These are all juveniles and I don't know their sexes, yet. Knight's can be notoriously aggressive, especially the males, so I will be keeping an eye on them as they get older. I'm hoping to have at least a pair, but maybe I'll get lucky with a male and 2 females. I have another Exo Terra enclosure on stand-by to separate them if needed.
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What the heck kind of fish are Knight Anoles? Well, of course they are not but, along with aquariums they are another one of my hobbies. I checked with Dmitri to make sure adding a terrarium to the site would be acceptable and he approved. So much of the functionality here will be easily adaptable to terrarium inhabitants and I've always wanted a good way to log the care and breeding attempts of my Knights.
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