My Aquarium

Volume 55 Gallons
Dimensions 60'' x 24'' x 12''
Make Aqueon
Model 55 gallon all glass


Hello. First off, my name is Chris and I am an experienced fresh water aquarium keeper. I have been putting my feet in the water in the world of fish tanks since I was 11. I have kept African clawed frogs and I have worked my way up all the way to African cichlids and I have been keeping cichlids for about a year now. I know a lot but still want to know more. I had one saltwater aquarium that was my first. It didn't go over too well. So I got rid of saltwater and went back to freshwater. I have always found African cichlids to be fascinating. I started off with mbuna and now I am keeping 6 Ali's and 6 cerrilius in what is now my 55 gallon aquarium. One thing that I have a slight, okay a decent sized issue with is algae growth on the rocks. I know algae grows and it is in every tank, but I have an abnormally big issue. I have my lights on for about three hours after I get home and I don't over feed. Yet every week I have to clean algae off the rocks. I have tried many different methods and nothing has worked. So I guess my question would be, is there a method that has worked for you aquarists out there? And shout out to Rdricken's 90 corner aquarium, he is a fellow aquarist and friend and has helped me with a lot of things! So I guess that was my short introduction about me and my aquarium experience.


13 Fish


2 Aqueon filter

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