- On the 25th I took bio pellets off of the tank. The flow was too weak to circulate properly even when I attached a dedicated pump. I'm not going to buy another pump to make this work.
- I went back to dosing NoPox daily (6ml).
- I did 20% water change and almost killed the tank! I mixed fresh saltwater and didn't check the salinity. It was 60ppt! The tank went into shock...I immediately removed 5gal of saltwater and replaced it with 5ga of RO/DI. Brought the salinity down from 50 to 45.
- On the 26th I replaced another 5ga with RO/DI and brought salinity down to 40ppt.
- on the 28th I replaced 1ga with RO/DI and salinity now at 35.9. I'll do another .5ga on the 30th in an attempt to bring down to @ 34-35ppt.
- I started treating the tank with Vibrant for Reef Tank. 6ml once per week. I Will dose every Tuesday.
- The tank looks to be recovering, but I still think I lost the majority of the SPS's...covered with red slime algae. Chemi-pure didn't seem to do too much, so that's why I'm using Vibrant long term...with some patience.
View April 29, 2020 13:05
- Today I changed pad from fabric to Aquamesh #4.
- I need to raise salinity from 33.3 to 35. Substituted r/o ATO to 40ppm fresh saltwater.
View April 19, 2020 20:38
- No activity on the Biopellet reactor. NYOS reads lower, but Red Sea continues to show 50+ nitrates. So I began Microbak7 dosing today, 12 ML per day per instructions. I'll see if this gets things started.
- I added more water and adjusted the drain to the proper level.
- Added UV to this tank to prevent algae bloom which it's going through now.
- Started new light schedule 4/17. Tank looks much better.
- SPS coral aren't looking good due to algae growing all over them. I have to get control over this or it will be another $200 down the drain from coral frags not surviving. Not all of them are gone, but the Acros are certainly deteriorating quickly!
View April 18, 2020 15:17
I did my measuring and maintenance this weekend in an attempt to get better at husbandry. I've spent SOOOO much money on this even the my wife had to finally bring to my attention the amount of money being spent on this. However, I've had aquariums for 50 years. These reef tanks are expensive, but in this journey with this tank and the Big Tank, being cheap only requires more money to fix what I should have brought in their first place.

The Biopellets are doing nothing yet. I switched to the NYOS Nitrate test kit since watching the BRS video and seeing that it is better detecting high ranges of nitrate which my tanks qualify under. The reading for the NYOS for this tank is @ 50!
View April 12, 2020 13:00
Diatom bloom is occurring! Ordered UV today. Not sure of the cause. Thinking its the bio pellets since that's the only thing that has changed. however, I started rising ESV 2-part
View April 8, 2020 16:25
started B-Ionic dosing today. 12.5ml of Part 1 and Part 2.
View April 4, 2020 14:11
The coral frags are beginning to look a lot better. The frags the were already in the tank seem to be revived and growing. I also moved the soft corals from the big tank to this tank.
View April 3, 2020 00:05
Did the following to the tank:
1. Removed sulfur balls.
2. Added Bio-Pellet reactor (Reef Octopus - MR70) Added 150ml of media which is 1/2 of the recommended amount. Will test tank 4 Apr 2020.
View March 29, 2020 21:32