My Sea Hare died today......
View September 20, 2013 20:24
Wow....almost like magic my colors are re-emerging as a result of adding trace Elements I, K, and Fe. They must have been needed. I will test levels next weekend. Started dosing NOPOX again but this time only 2.2ml/day. The Sea Hare continues to graze on what little algae is left. The new plate coral is awesome! It loves to eat. I am afraid it is too big for my tank however. It is moving slightly up the side. I would need to remove a piece of my live rock to give it more room. I do not desire to do this.
View September 16, 2013 20:40
Had to scale back the dosing. Calcium and alk were rising linearly. Cut calcium and alk from 33ml to 22ml/day.
View September 8, 2013 19:44
Had to stop dosing NOPOX. It the bacterial slime was clogging up my phosphate and carbon reactors as well as intake socks and even return filter. I still have my chaeto in the fuge. I should be ok. My nitrates and phosphates may rise very little. My corals should prosper with the low levels instead of 0.
View September 7, 2013 16:00
Removed intake sock from fuge. I cannot keep up with the maintenance of cleaning the sock every 12 hours. Must be the nopox creating the slime that seems to clog them up so quickly. I have plenty if live rock and sand for good bio filtration as well as a pre filter in the return pump and the outflow. I'll keep an eye on long as the micro bubbles do not cause salt creep I will not worry about it.
View September 3, 2013 18:46
Added a sea hare to devour the hair algae. It is not wasting any time. I really have little hair algae and am confident that what I do not starve off will be consumed by this biological vacuum cleaner!
View August 31, 2013 13:37
My suspicion was confirmed today. I bought a second chemical test kit to obtain pH. This time it was a Red Sea kit which I completely trust. Two kits both Red Sea and API show my pH at 8.2. The pinpoint monitor, despite being calibrated 3 times in the last month, still identifies my pH at 7.7. If it calibrates at 7 and then 10, I cannot understand how it is not giving me the correct pH. I guess I will contact the company.
View August 31, 2013 13:31
Started using reef energy in display tank. Since my no3 and po4 are at zero I was concerned about starving the corals. We will see what happens. I am quite certain that I am beginning to starve the algae in DT. The Chaeto in the fuge is gradually beginning to get brown. I will remove it soon. I cannot help but think if I remove and scrub the live rock in the DT, I will not see the hair algae come back. I do not really feel like doing that huge task however. I may be patient and just watch it slowly darken and die. Also for the first time I checked the temp of the DT. It mirrors that of the fuge 7 feet below in the basement. I suspected it would due to water's high specific heat and my rather high flow rate. My corals look the best I have seen in weeks. Acropora is getting color back. My brain is also showing more color with less if a bleached look
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So what is the actual pH? Chem. test says its above 8. Pinpoint monitor was calibrated and indicates 7.68 right now both with batteries and AC power adapter. Biological indicators do not reveal a low pH. Perhaps I'll buy a second chemical test kit to validate the meters innacuracy. The meter is new.
View August 30, 2013 06:57
Pleased with my parameters...nitrate and phosphate dropped to 0 in just 6 days of dosing NOPOx. Calcium and alkalinity is right on the mark. I expected my pH to rise a bit more however and do not like the cycling from 7.9 to 7.6. I would think my alkalinity is sufficient to bring this up. I will keep an eye on it and maybe try recalibrating the pH probe as I have heard they have a margin of error if left on continuously. My chemical pH test is showing my pH higher......I better investigate the reliability of the probe later this weekend. I am beginning to have doubts.
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