Just published a new blog post on my current lighting setup and reef lighting in general.

Mostly a review of what you've seen here, but if you like what you see feel free to share in your Facebook groups!

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Made a change to my lighting!
I added a 72" XB-Series Super Actinic from Build My LED.
Now I've got the best of all 3!

My lighting now starts off with just the LED strip, then two T5 come on, then the other two T5, then finally the three MH bulbs. And the opposite in the evening.
With 92 top shelf LEDs, it really makes things pop. During mid-day with the halides on, you can see the color change... a little crisper blue. As the evening progresses and lights start turning off, the fluorescence builds.
I went with the 75 degree lens and mounted the LED in front at a bit of an angle so it's hitting the front of the corals.
Seems to be working out really well.

I attached the LED unit directly to my Hamilton Cebu Sun with the included hardware and a couple of self-tapping metal screws.

Here's the progression....

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So for the past 7-8 months I've been collecting parts on eBay for a custom built high end dual stage regulator for my CaRx.
I finally finished it up while treating the tank for the blue cloves and got it dialed in. It's a nice piece of kit. All stainless steel.
Thanks to Alan for all his help in his C02 Regulator thread in the equipment forum.
The whole thing cost me close to $350 but it's more like a $1000+ setup. Now I can sell the Aquarium Plants Carbon Doser I was using.

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LOL, whatever works!
Chicken scratch on a bar napkin... as long as YOU can understand it that's all that matters.

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Just wanted to show off pics of my rocks completely free of BCP!!!
Can't even tell they were there, and I didn't even have to scrub them or anything.
The entire tank is clean and free of BCP.
Sayonara you little cockroaches!

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So tomorrow night is a week since adding the Fluke Tabs.
Here is what's left of the BCP!

The only bummer out of all is I seem to have lost most of my beautiful gorgonians.
There are a couple left but not looking so good.
The ones that were in my Mangrove tank which I had offline for the first few days of treatment seem to be relatively ok so far.

And the only coral that seem affected are my two Stylophora. Not sure why?
But they are half closed and just generally ticked off looking.
All my other LPS and SPS look great.

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Further decimation of the BCP!
Another 24 hours.

Everything is now back online.
Carbon, skimmer, auto water changes (which i doubled).
Also had to bring the Mangrove tank back online. Fingers crossed I don't lose the pistol shrimp.

Gorgonians are still closed up.
Hoping they pull through. We shall see.

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ya, splitting the return is probably the best way to go.

The scribbled rabbitfish is doing good! Love him. Gets along ok with my Magnificent Foxface, too.

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Added another post to the blog.
A little more on the frag tank setup and recent update.


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Here's the BCP after 36 hours.
Closed up, ticked off, thinning out.

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