Vertex Vectra Engine
dtum ‐ You've got yourself a new toy! Curious what you will have to say about it in a couple of weeks. Too lazy to clean the skimmer yourself?
d2mini ‐ Lazy is kind of harsh. I like to think of it as applying my valuable time more wisely. LOL! :D
d2mini ‐ Actually, since you set your controller up to run it several times per day, the idea is that it makes for more efficient skimming. At the most I empty/clean my cup once per week, as do most other people. So we shall see if this makes a difference! :)
dtum ‐ Sorry, not lazy, but extremely efficient ;) . I'm a big fan of automation and if something could be automated, I think that it should. I doubt I will ever be able to automate my water changes, for example and I'd really like that.
Now, with this unit, once it runs a full circle, where does that skimmate go that was scraped off of the inner wall.
d2mini ‐ Oh man, i lovvvvve my auto water change set up. 6g per day! :)
As far as the skimmer cleaner, its supposed to wipe before the neck has a chance to build up any real crud on it, allowing the bubbles to be more efficient in carry the nasty stuff up and over into the cup. At least that's how I understood it. I'll have to report back once it has run for a bit. I just installed it today but haven't had a chance yet to program my controller to run it. I'll have it come on several times per day and wipe for a couple minutes each time and see how it goes.
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