Nerite Snails
slo-mo-shun ‐ Nicely presented. Now I can see why the pics are just so good :) Nice site BTW
dustincmyers ‐ your photos are great -- i'm sure you've mentioned it in your thread but what body/lens setup do you use for most of your aquarium photos?
d2mini ‐ Thanks, guys. :)
The body was a Nikon D700, but now a D800. The lens is almost always the Tamron 90mm macro.
dustincmyers ‐ cool, i'll check out that lens -- i'm about to purchase a dslr soon for my business but it'll also be nice to take pics/video of the tank instead of the iphone 5 :)
dtum ‐ As someone who has owned a bunch of Nikon gear I can wholeheartedly recommend Nikkor 105mm. Best lens I've ever used (I'm not a Pro or even a serious amateur, but for a few years I was very heavy into this).
d2mini ‐ That's good to know about the 105mm! I use the nikkor 60mm almost daily and I much prefer the Tamron out of the two for image quality, and it's longer and cheaper. Maybe someday I'll get to try the 105. :)
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