Ricordea Yuma macro
gretzy ‐ Man!!! That is amazing. Are these photos you have taken??
d2mini ‐ Yes sir, all mine. :)
gretzy ‐ Bloody nice. Wish I could get shots similar.
dtum ‐ Someone looks hungry
slo-mo-shun ‐ Love these close ups, would really like to see what your minimum equipment requirement for taking such pics are and maybe a bit on technique, a video maybe? Okay, I know then we would all be doing it. :)
d2mini ‐ Thanks! I shoot with a nikon dslr on full manual with custom white balance and a macro lens, and work with raw files rather than jpgs. A little post processing to tweak color balance and generally clean up the image. Easy! ;)
slo-mo-shun ‐ How is it illuminated, flash from above?
d2mini ‐ Just my Radions! :)
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