Rose Anemone #2
urbaneks ‐ I love the growth form on that monti cap. What kind of cap is it?
d2mini ‐ Yeah, that thing is crazy. It's green/purple rim, but honestly the rim is more white than purple. Always grows pretty much straight up towards the light for me. But I'm actually thinking of busting it up into a bunch of pieces and selling most of it off. It came from my old cube and i can't get it secured in this tank, it's too dang big.
urbaneks ‐ Let me know if you decide to sell some, I will buy a piece from you.
dtum ‐ Is there a shipping to Canada? ;)
d2mini ‐ Yes, they just hitchhike in on the rock. I can see around 5 at any given time, all sizes. I'm not sure about Canada. I know he stopped shipping to other countries due to the red tape and headache. Shoot Richard a quick email.
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